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Friday, December 9, 2011

Graduate sociology students sharpen their research

Life expectancy in the United States is on the rise – but not for everyone. Although many older Americans are healthier and more prosperous than any previous generation, rates of gains are inconsistent between the genders and across education levels and racial and ethnic groups.

Graduate student researchers at the Population Research Center (PRC) are working toward understanding these health disparities that continue to persist and grow in the United States, and to help extend our most precious resource: human life.

To help
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Natural experiment follows natural disaster

David Kirk

David Kirk

Many residents of New Orleans could not go home after Hurricane Katrina devastated their neighborhoods.

This was not such a bad thing for people being released from prison, says David Kirk, an assistant professor of sociology at The University of Texas at Austin.

In fact, Kirk’s recent research, published in the June issue of American Sociological Review, indicates that those not returning to the old neighborhood had a better chance of staying out of prison than those who went back to
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