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University-wide calendar and process for submitting events

Through videos, photos, stories, social media and events, the university's Know Web site is an educational, informative and interactive way to learn about the excellence of our faculty, staff, students and alumni and find out what’s happening at the university.

An integral part of the site is the university-wide events calendar.

The submission process allows you to include detailed event information and to have control over modifying and canceling your events. It also streamlines your workflow, allowing you to submit event information to just one place.

The events you submit are also used to populate the daily, campus-wide Know Events e-mail message and are considered for placement in the events section on the university's home page.

Submitting events:

The Events Calendar service is available only to faculty, staff and student members of The University of Texas at Austin community. A UT EID is required to submit items to the campus-wide events calendar. Event submissions will be reviewed and edited for publication by the Digital Content Group in University Communications. Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for your events to be reviewed.

The event listed in your submission should:

  • be sponsored by an academic or administrative unit or by an officially sanctioned university organization (includes university sponsored and registered student organizations).
  • be of wide interest to The University of Texas at Austin community. Do not submit regular department/organization business meetings.
  • comply with the university’s Responsible Use of Information Technology Policy not contain any offensive or inappropriate content.

Submit your events with the events submission form.

In addition to the events calendar, Know strives to tell the university’s story through videos, photos, stories and social media efforts about its people, places and programs. You can submit your ideas using the Send Us Your Content form on the Know Web site.

Suggesting content ideas:

By completing the content suggestion form your ideas will be considered for use on the site by a member of the Know editorial team. There are not restrictions on who can submit ideas. Items are selected to represent a wide range of colleges, schools and activities and demonstrate the depth and breadth of the university.

Suggestions associated with a date must be received three weeks prior to the event date to be considered. Please include as many details as possible when describing your idea. If your idea is about someone else, include his or her full name, phone number and e-mail address.

A Know editorial team member will contact you if your suggestion is chosen to be included on the site.

Submit your content ideas with the Send Us Your Content form.

For questions about submitting items, please contact the Know editorial team at

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