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On Campus, volume 33, issue 11; September, 2007.
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Dreams of college don’t always seem attainable for those with little money and time, juggling family and work. The Free Minds Project at the Humanities Institute changed that way of thinking for 15 Austin residents and aims to spread the word that college is possible for everyone.
		The project’s successful pilot program began Aug. 28 with its first meeting and ended nine months later with a graduation ceremony on May 21.= Student learns about unconditional acceptance by leaps and bounds

Aeron Aanstoos wishes her new friend — the 500-pound and contagiously cheerful “Squirt” — could write a social work textbook.

She spent the summer watching and learning how the therapy dolphin works with special needs children to improve motor skills, motivation and self-esteem while reducing loneliness and anxiety.

From The Tower

Payne and Granof to receive prestigious Civitatis Award

Professors Shelley Payne and Michael Granof have been selected to receive the 2006-07 Civitatis Award, one of the highest honors bestowed upon members of the university.

President William Powers Jr. will present the awards at a recognition ceremony on campus during the 2007-08 academic year.

The Civitatis Award is presented to faculty members who have demonstrated exemplary campus citizenship throughout a career of service at the university. It recognizes dedicated and meritorious service to the university above and beyond the regular expectations of teaching, research and writing.

Payne is the Lorene Morrow Kelley Fellow in Microbiology and a member of the university’s Academy of Distinguished Teachers. Her research focuses on the molecular biology of iron acquisition and other virulence factors in pathogenic bacteria, including those that cause dysentery and cholera in humans.

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The University Tower - a symbol of excellence and opportunity Standing tall for 70 years

The University Tower - a symbol of excellence and opportunity

University's West Mall prepares for Cesar Chavez statue UT's West Mall prepares for Cesar Chavez statue

Largely funded by students, Chavez statue unveiled Oct. 9

Andrée Bober The truth behind the tower: universitys common myths

The tower's design has caused speculation since creation

Norman Hackerman, an internationally noted professor of chemistry, researcher and academic administrator, died June 16.  He was 95 National publications cite UT as one of the best values

University of Texas at Austin ranks in the top 25 among universities

GTT icon Rodriguez describes rescuing 15 from World Trade Center

Student group, A Project for the New American Citizen, hosts

William S. Livingston, Senior Vice President retires William S. Livingston, Senior Vice President retires

Livingston's given 58 years of great service to the university

Marine Science Institute opens new fisheries lab Marine Science Institute opens new fisheries lab

New 3,000-square-foot larval fish research facility opens Aug. 17

Curtain Theater University's academic stars explore controversial topics

UT's faculty speak at inaugural University Lecture Series