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Site purchased to build permanent home for UT Elementary School

The university has purchased a 2.4-acre site from Austin developer Perry Lorenz with the intent of building a permanent University of Texas Elementary School campus on the urban parcel east of downtown. Lorenz sold the property to the university for $1.5 million, about $1 million less than the fair market value of the property, according to a recent appraisal by the university because it is an important part of the community, he said.

Nursing student gets award to help caregivers for people with dementia

Cherie Simpson, a clinical nurse specialist and Ph.D. student in the School of Nursing, has received a three-year, $93,000 fellowship award from the National Institutes of Health for research on improving health of caregivers for people with dementia.

“This is important research because the demand for informal caregiving in this area will continue to grow as our population ages. Our society is dependent on the success of informal caregiving,” Simpson said. Her research will be looking at the relationship of sleep quality, depression and stress.