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January 25, 2000 - VOL. 27, NO. 9

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Rick Cherwitz and Stefanie Sanford, Office of Graduate Studies


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Editor's note: Areteis an ancient Greek word for virtue, describing the quest for individual excellence. In this regular feature ofOn Campus,the University salutes its graduate students--whose considerable contributions to the academy and larger community are truly virtuous. These features will be framed and posted in the lobby of the Office of Graduate Studies, Main 101.

spacerName: Michael T. Dailey
spacerDepartment: Education Administration
spacerAdvisor: Dr. V.R. Cardozier, Professor Emeritus

Mike Dailey is in the final year of his Ph.D. in higher education administration program in the department of education administration. He holds an undergraduate degree in psychology from UT Austin , a master's in human services from St. Edwards University and expects to complete his doctoral work in the fall of 2000.

His dissertation explores the assimilation and acculturation of refugee academicians in WWII. In particular, he is focusing on refugee scientists that fled to Brazil, Turkey and the Caribbean.

Dailey also has been a campus and national leader in creating and using surveys of students to determine their satisfaction with their graduate school experience, and using those data to help fulfill the Graduate School's commitment to making UT's administration more responsive to student needs.

In his spare time, Dailey is a freelance photographer and Web designer and has volunteered extensively with Project Transition, a local HIV/AIDS service provider, the E.C. Wood Foundation and an organization that helps terminally ill children. Dailey twice has been awarded the Caswell-Ellis Fellowship in Education, and the Logan Wilson Internship at the Office of Graduate Studies.

NOTE: Nominations (including self-nominations) for ARETEshould be sent to Stefanie.Sanford@bus.utexas.edu (232-1613).


January 25, 2000
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