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February 27, 2001 - VOL. 28, NO. 03

UT Austin School of Nursing receives $5 million gift from Houston philanthropists




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The UT Austin School of Nursing has received a $5 million gift from Houston philanthropists Gordon and Mary Cain.

The gift is the largest in the 48-year history of the nursing school and one of the largest ever to any nursing school in the nation. The money will be used for research in the areas of health promotion, disease prevention and nursing care of acute and chronically ill patients.

"This is an extraordinary act of generosity," said UT Austin President Larry R. Faulkner. "The Cains' gift will have a major impact on our goal to position the School of Nursing among the top 10 nursing schools in the nation in terms of scientific research and nursing education."

The school already is highly ranked among the nation's 25 graduate nursing programs.

In addition to research funding, the gift allows $1 million for an endowed faculty chair in the nursing school.

"Mr. Cain's gift will allow the School of Nursing to expand its nationally recognized research initiatives," said Dean Dolores Sands. "It will provide much-needed support to our nursing faculty, who are making such outstanding contributions to progress in the field of nursing."

Cain, a retired Houston businessman, became interested in the UT Austin School of Nursing at the urging of business associate Arthur Sands Jr., son of the nursing school dean.

"I wanted to make this gift because I am convinced that nursing is one of the most noble professions," Cain said. "Nurses make enormous contributions in the field of medicine, and I consider it an honor to contribute to their training and research efforts."

The $5 million gift is a big boost to the School of Nursing's original goal of raising $4.8 million during UT Austin's current capital campaign. Already, the school has raised $2.3 million.


March 2, 2001
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