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March 20, 2001 - VOL. 28, NO. 04

Historical Music Recordings Collection exhibit opens in Perry Casteñeda Library




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"The Historical Music Recordings Collection," an exhibit covering the history of recorded sound and featuring the holdings of the University's recordings archive, currently is on view on the entrance level of the Perry-Castañeda Library on the UT Austin campus.

The exhibit highlights materials from the Historical Music Recordings Collection of the General Libraries Fine Arts Library.

The collection contains more than 300,000 musical recordings, including archival material related to Texas symphonies, classical radio stations and contemporary composers.

Within this exhibit are nostalgia-related items such as children's records from the 1940s and 8-Track tapes. A variety of formats chronicling the history of recorded sound is on view.

Also in the exhibit are selections from the recorded archives of the Austin and Houston Symphonies. An entire exhibit case is devoted to the phonograph and the album designer's art.

Examples include a cylinder player from the turn of the century, a portable Victrola from 1921, a 45 rpm player from the early 1950s and a futuristic Bang and Olufsen CD player of current vintage.

The exhibit was curated by Dr. Karl Miller, audiovisual librarian and curator of the Historical Music Recordings Collection; graphic artist for the exhibit was James Retherford.

The exhibit will be on view through May 2001.


March 22, 2001
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