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September 27, 2001
Vol. 28, No. 11


University responds to national tragedy

Fall enrollment total sets record high

University's innovative "artsreach" program builds new art, music audience

Address on the State of the University

New members of Academy of Distinguished Teachers, faculty honored

Diverse new committee to evaluate dean of students applicants

Remarks from the Memorial Ceremony

News Briefs

University student features Bandera youth in special fine arts initiative

Fine arts program invites students to attend shows, exhibits for free

Entrpreneur teams with university professors to found startup technology company

$390,000 Toyota USA grant doubles science training for K-12 teachers

Faculty Council

Dell vice president named chief financial officer at university

Ambassador credits education for success


$720,000 TIF grant awarded to university's General Libraries

Harley Clark remembers introduction of "Hook ''em Horns" spirit signal

Professors strive to shorten developmen times for engineering systems




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University responds to national tragedy

From candlelight vigils to donation drives to anti-violence forums and a reflection concert, The University of Texas at Austin community united to show concern for our nation and provide assistance in the wake of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11.

scene from the candleight vigil
Photo by Marsha Miller

New York Texas Exes reached out to all university alumni in the area, requesting donations of blood, supplies and money. On the university campus, the Student Government began a campaign promoting UT Austin as a safe place, free from violence and discrimination. A Party on the Plaza student event was modified to focus on helping others. Proceeds raised were directed to the Hearts of Texas Rescue Team, which provided support to those directly affected by the tragedy.

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University's innovative "artsreach" program builds new audiences for art, music in remote areas of state

A program where fine arts students take their creativity back into their Texas hometowns has been initiated by The University of Texas at Austin to build new audiences for art and music in remote areas of the state and to foster better relationships between artists and their constituencies.

photo from Small's exhibit
Photo by Jennifer Small
University graduate art student Jennifer Small's photography will be on view as part of a new "artsreach" program. The New York Times already has published her work.

The new "artsreach" program will allow students to establish residencies in their home communities and present overviews of their work. The selected students will come from non-urban areas of Texas and will be chosen from each of the fine arts academic units — art, art history, music, theater and dance. The University Co-op is providing the initial funding for the project.

"We want this program to have as wide a community impact as possible," said Dr. Robert Freeman, dean of the College of Fine Arts. "Students will work with local schools and school children, arts organizations, chamber of commerce associations and churches to develop new audiences for art and demonstrate the benefits and results of a fine arts education at the university.

"We must always remember that the arts aren't just for the people who are doing them or for the weathy — but for everyone," said Freeman. "The country is doing a good job supplying the art and the artists, but needs to work on developing audiences."

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Fall enrollment total sets record high

Enrollment at The University of Texas at Austin reached a record-setting total of 50,613 this fall, primarily because of increases in the retention of undergraduate students.

This year’s enrollment represents a .7 percent increase over the previous record enrollment of 50,245, set in fall 1989. Fall enrollment last year was 49,996. Based on preliminary enrollment figures, The University of Texas at Austin is the largest single-campus institution in the nation.

This fall’s enrollment includes 38,615 undergraduate, 10,561 graduate and 1,437 law students.

Because of the increased retention rates, undergraduate continuing student counts grew from 27,148 in fall 2000 to 27,850 this fall. There also were increases in undergraduate returning former students (from 1,230 in fall 2000 to 1,352 this fall), and graduate continuing students (from 7,142 to 7,327). As anticipated, there were declines in the number of first-time freshmen (down by 349 to 7,337) and transfer students (down by 22 to 2,076).

These decreases were in accordance with enrollment management policies.

"We are making good progress in our goal of retaining undergraduate students at increasing rates," said Larry R. Faulkner, president of The University of Texas at Austin. "The first year retention rate for the 2000 freshman class is 92 percent, a significant improvement over last fall’s retention rate of 90.3 percent.

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Address on the State of the University, by Larry R. Faulkner, President

It is not possible to open an address on the state of the University now without reference to the terror perpetrated against us all on Sept. 11. Make no mistake: These were not acts against New York and Washington, or even against America. They were blows — hard blows indeed — against what it means to be human.

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