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November 28, 2001
Vol. 28, No. 13



A Class Act: Informal Classes marks 30th anniversary

Director of Health & Safety says to exercise caution, but keep things in perspective

UT Press offers scholarly books about Middle East

UT and LULAC develop Austin Youth Leadership Academy

Advancements in disease research, mathematical theory take honors at Siemens competition

$7.2 million grant funds medical research

Marketing professor's research blends expertise in music industry, electronic commerce

New division to enhance teaching effectiveness, learning opportunities

Four teams to compete in MOOT CORP finals

Eckhardt continues to safeguard campus history six years after his death

Norma Cantú brings expertise into classroom

$2.15 NSF grant to improve production of oil, gas

Research team discovers mechanism regulating plant growth

Engineers harness "quantum dots" for neurological research

Orange Santa program makes season brighter

Readership Survey

Anti-terrorism expert calls for increased steps to combat terrorism

Arete: Jessica J. Summers

School of Social Work gets funding for substance abuse research

A salute to military veterans, POWs, MIAs




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The University of Texas at Austin, LULAC collaborate in developing Austin Youth Leadership Academy

About 50 talented, local high school students have been selected to participate in Austin Youth Leadership Academy, a collaborative education project between the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) and The University of Texas at Austin aimed at encouraging students to pursue higher education.

Hector Flores and Larry Faulkner
Photo by Marsha Miller
The Austin Youth Leadership Academy, an education project of LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) and The University of Texas at Austin, is aimed at encouraging students to pursue higher education. Pictured are Hector Flores (left), LULAC national treasurer, and President Larry R. Faulkner at a news conference announcing the program.

The academy is designed to motivate students to continue their education after high school by allowing them to experience firsthand the value of positive, quality "fun" learning experiences on a large, diverse college campus such as The University of Texas at Austin.

"The Youth Leadership Academy provides students in Austin and surrounding counties an opportunity to enhance their self-confidence and develop the capacity to lead others," said Rosanne Ortega, Texas LULAC's deputy director for youth. Ortega was instrumental in creating a similar highly successful program in North Texas during the mid-'90s.

Dr. Larry R. Faulkner, president of The University of Texas at Austin, said, "The university is pleased to join the League of United Latin American Citizens as sponsor of the UT Austin LULAC Youth Leadership Academy. We will welcome high school students to our campus for workshops on leadership, college admissions, financial aid, career counseling and other topics. Our goal is to encourage Hispanic youth to continue their education and to assume future leadership roles in Texas."

The academy is a free program consisting of three Saturday, one-half day leadership development workshops with a competitive application process. The elements provide training in leadership development, public speaking, goal planning, college financing and diversity training. Service to the community is encouraged and field trips to cultural events are planned. In addition, students are invited to attend business or community service organization meetings or banquets.

"This unique series assists youth in further developing ethics and values, while encouraging community involvement and volunteerism. The program provides an arena where leadership skills can be learned, applied and practiced, " said Austin attorney Tony Díaz, Texas LULAC district director for District VII.

"Our plan is to encourage more applicants from LULAC District VII's eight counties, which include Bastrop, Burnet, Fayette, Lampasas, Lee, Llano, Travis and Williamson counties, should the academy take place again next year. We hope to eventually include all 21 LULAC districts throughout the state," Díaz said.

Ortega said The University of Texas at Austin has been a longtime partner across the state in educating youth in college, so it was a "perfect partner" in LULAC's new efforts to branch out to the high schools in the Austin area.

Texas LULAC Executive Director Vincent Ramos said, "We want to recognize the support of Chancellor Dan Burck of The University of Texas at Austin System. The idea of developing a pilot leadership program was initiated in his office. With continued support we hope to take this program to other campuses in The University of Texas System."

The following students were selected for the 2001-2002 UT Austin LULAC Youth Leadership Academy:

Philip Abitúa, Richard Paul Boncales, Mayra Cabrera, Jennifer Cardona, Karina Castro, Sandra Chávez, Marisól Contreras, Manuela Contreras, Elisabeth Coronado, Brittany Creel, Cirenia Cristobál, Mayra Cristobál, Esmerelda Cruz, Abisaél Davis, A. Miguel Domínguez, Lucia Flores, Isabel Granados-Martinez, Jaime Guerrero, Hector Guevara, David Herrera, Stephanie Herrera, José Jarmula, Philip Leál, Coral Lobera, Leonél Manzano, Roel Mata, Nevin McGee, Celeste Mendoza, Linda Mendoza, Redy Montoya, Jessica Moore, Esteven Ojeda, Leslie Parra, David Ramos, Arturo Rodríguez, Tina Marie Ruíz, Savannah Salazár, Anthony Sánchez, Sonny Sánchez, Rafeal Omar Sevilla, Rodolfo Solorazano, Crystal Torres, Karen Torres, John Valadéz, Hector Várgas, Crystal Verner and Joshua Vincent.

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