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November 28, 2001
Vol. 28, No. 13



A Class Act: Informal Classes marks 30th anniversary

Director of Health & Safety says to exercise caution, but keep things in perspective

UT Press offers scholarly books about Middle East

UT and LULAC develop Austin Youth Leadership Academy

Advancements in disease research, mathematical theory take honors at Siemens competition

$7.2 million grant funds medical research

Marketing professor's research blends expertise in music industry, electronic commerce

New division to enhance teaching effectiveness, learning opportunities

Four teams to compete in MOOT CORP finals

Eckhardt continues to safeguard campus history six years after his death

Norma Cantú brings expertise into classroom

$2.15 NSF grant to improve production of oil, gas

Research team discovers mechanism regulating plant growth

Engineers harness "quantum dots" for neurological research

Orange Santa program makes season brighter

Readership Survey

Anti-terrorism expert calls for increased steps to combat terrorism

Arete: Jessica J. Summers

School of Social Work gets funding for substance abuse research

A salute to military veterans, POWs, MIAs




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UT Press offers scholarly books about Middle East

The University of Texas Press is collaborating with the Association of American University Presses to make scholarly books about the Middle East more readily available to readers, journalists, teachers and scholars in response to the events of Sept. 11.

Modern Hebrew book cover
UT Press books, such as this text on modern Hebrew, contribute to the scholarship available in the field of Middle East studies. Demand for information about the Middle East has escalated since the events of Sept. 11.

A Web site called "Books for Understanding" has been created in response to the sudden need to access information. It provides a listing of books on relevant topics or pertaining to recent events.

Subject areas include "Responding to tragedy," "Islam: Religion and Culture," and "The Middle East: Politics and Culture."

"Although the UT Press does not have any new initiatives since the terrorist attacks, we expect to continue to do what we have done for about 25 years, namely, to publish books that make a contribution to the scholarship currently available in the field of Middle East studies," said Beth Wilson, UT Press publicist.

"Areas of focus have included, but are not limited to, contemporary Islamic politics, Arabic philosophy, the role of the family in Middle Eastern cultures, water resources in the arid region, ancient history and literature in translation," she said.

Many of the UT Press books are published in cooperation with the university's Center for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES). Working with CMES allows the UT Press to both enhance and benefit from the strengths of the university community, Wilson said.

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