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January 29, 2002
Vol. 28, No. 14



UT faces projected deficit; proposes $230 increase in student fees

Teresa Graham Brett named dean of students

Behavior of midwater fishes under Antarctic ice: Observations by a predator

Student group displays pro-life exhibit at West Mall area

Meningitis ruled cause of university student's death

New study examines effects of memory training

Endowed scholarship honors Myers

Researchers get $4.5 million to study child language therapy

New engineering chair made possible by $2.35 million gift

Global extinction rate reaches historical proportions

Special programs highlight celebration of Black History Month

Nichols named associate vice president for research

Texas Exes to honor teachers for their excellence as educators

Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Program Policy Statement

University approves new policy for lighting UT Tower

Coral study challenges long-held theory on glacial cycles

UT research shows radiation zapping Mars may affect biological evolution

Growing number of U.S.-Mexican border residents using herbs to treat ailments

News Briefs

Faculty Council

UT researchers receive $5.5 million to study effects of curricular changes in schools

Dana Center receives $94,000 award for math education

KUT adds Marketplace and The World to its program lineup

Arete: Harlan Miller

Critics program Viewpoint 2002 begins on Jan. 31

UT student returns home to conduct Corpus Christi Symphony in Rockport




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University approves new policy for lighting UT Tower

Carl J. Eckhardt Jr. never won a Nobel Prize for his work with light, but he started some great University of Texas at Austin traditions. With two UT engineering degrees and a faculty post, Eckhardt became head of the Physical Plant in 1931. That positioned him to supervise construction of the campus' new landmark — the Main Building Tower. Eckhardt devised a lighting system to take advantage of its commanding architecture to announce university achievements. When he implemented the orange lighting of the UT Tower, he demonstrated one of the engineer's chief contributions to society — applying technology for human purposes.

Eckhardt's orange lights first flooded the tower in 1937. In 1947, he helped create guidelines for using the orange lights. A number “1” on all sides highlighted by orange lights signals that the university won a national championship. The full Tower glowing orange alone represents a victory over Texas A&M, Commencement and other occasions the president deems appropriate. The Tower top bathed in orange symbolizes other victories or a conference title in any intercollegiate sport.

On Feb. 2, 2001, President Larry R. Faulkner appointed a committee to recommend a revised set of Tower lighting guidelines, specifically addressing:

  • Should the Tower be lit for individual achievements, as well as "group" achievements?
  • What should be the level of recognition?
  • What should the lighting pattern be for each level of recognition?
  • Should the Tower be lit for non-university events?

The committee recommended, and the president approved, the lighting configurations listed and illustrated below. A summary of the philosophy on which the committee based its recommendations also is listed.

Committee Philosophy

  • Lighting patterns should distinguish between academic and staff achievements and athletic victories
  • Traditional Orange should be displayed for celebration of campus-wide events
  • Darkened tower (UT Remembers) should be used only for solemn occasions
  • Committee recommends two new lighting configurations:
    White top, Orange shaft
    Top split Orange and White with Orange shaft
  • Other lighting options are available

tower entirely white
Standard Tower Lighting
Configuration: Tower entirely White
tower with white top and orange shaft
Academic and Staff Achievements
Configuration: White top with Orange shaft
  • Faculty academic achievements (Academic Convocation)
  • Student academic achievements (Honors Day)
  • Staff achievements (Staff Recognition Day)
  • Academic team achievements with #1 displayed
  • Other events at the President’s discretion
tower with orange top and white shaft
Athletic Achievements
Configuration: Orange top with White shaft
  • Football regular season victories, except Texas
  • Non-Bowl Championship Series (BCS) victories
  • Other events at the President’s discretion

tower entirely orange
Significant Athletic Victories
Configuration: Tower entirely Orange
  • Football victories
  • Texas A&M
  • Big 12 South
  • Big 12 Championship Game
  • Big 12 Regular Season Team Championship
  • Big 12 Tournament Championships
  • Student organization sports club national championships
tower entirely orange with #1 displayed
Athletic Championships
Configuration: Tower entirely Orange with #1 displayed
  • Football Bowl Championship Series (BCS) 1 vs. 2 win
  • NCAA championships for all other sports

tower entirely orange
Campus-wide Accolades
Configuration: Tower entirely Orange
  • UT’s Birthday – September 15
  • Commencement
  • Texas Independence Day – March 2
  • Other campus-wide events at the President’s discretion
darkened tower with white cap and observation deck
Solemn Occasions
Configuration: Darkened Tower with White cap and observation deck — all other levels dark, including windows
  • UT Remembers (annual memorial service)
  • Tower Garden Dedication
  • Significant solemn occasions, e.g. Texas A&M Bonfire Tragedy
  • Other occasions at the President’s discretion

tower top split orange and white with orange shaft
Symbolic Campus Events
Configuration: Top split Orange and White with Orange shaft
  • Gone to Texas — welcoming new students to campus
  • Other events at the President’s discretion

tower with special effects or numbering
Special Effects
Configuration: Tower with special effects or numbering

tower with special effects or numbering
Special Effects
Configuration: Tower with special effects or numbering

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