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October 12, 1999 - VOL. 27, NO. 3

UT Alumni Center unveils bronze statue honoring Longhorn Band's 100th anniversary




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In 1900, Dr. Eugene P. Schoch, a chemistry professor, and Dr. H.E. Baxter, a local dentist, spent $150 of their own money to buy two drums and a dozen battered instruments from a downtown pawnshop.

After reshaping and soldering the instruments, obtaining simple black-and-white uniforms and recruiting 16 charter members, "The Showband of the Southwest" was formed.

After nearly a century of inspiring excellence in fellow students and alumni, it's time for the Longhorn Band to toot its own horn. On Sept. 18, a bronze statue of a Longhorn Band member—holding a trumpet in one hand and gesturing "Hook 'em Horns" with the other—was unveiled at the Alumni Center on the university campus.

The statue, created by Longhorn Band alumna Cindy Burleson, is located on the southwest corner of San Jacinto and 23rd street. The entire band, along with its directors, past and present, joined leaders of The Ex-Students' Association and donors who funded the statue's creation in dedicating it.

Despite its humble beginnings, the Longhorn Band has grown into the largest and loudest student group on campus, and now boasts a large and active Alumni Band. The band has originated many University traditions, including the enormous bass drum "Big Bertha," the Big Flags Brigade, a scholarship program and the clanging of cowbells during sports events—a notorious tradition designed to rattle the opposition.

The statue was funded entirely by private donations solicited by the Longhorn Band and The Ex-Students' Association. The Longhorn Band Walkway leading to the statue will include terra cotta tiles inscribed with the name of current or former band members.



October 12, 1999
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