Office Directory

Pat Clubb, Vice President

Beth Palazzolo, Assistant to the Vice President
Office: 512-232-7744

Shannon Brinkley, Executive Assistant
Office: 512-232-7975

Spencer Supancic, Administrative Associate
Office: 512-232-7742

Associate Vice President for Financial and Campus Services

Marla Martinez, Associate Vice President

Bridget Wilson, Senior Administrative Associate
Office: 512-232-7903

Budget and Accounting for University Operations

Michael Zieschang, Financial Officer
Office: 512-471-5389

Jeff Hoskins, Financial Officer
Office: 512-232-7954

Anissa Gahagan, Administrative Associate
Office: 512-232-7747

Communications for University Operations

Rhonda Weldon, Director
Office: 512-471-4472
Mobile: 512-350-8913

Cindy Posey, Associate Director
Mobile: 512-426-9839

Sarah Lively Hill, Program Coordinator
Office: 512-232-7750

Laurie Lentz, Manager
Office: 512-471-2273

Charlie Moore, Senior Graphics Designer
Office: 512-471-1066

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Did You Know…

Thanks to Fire Prevention Services, we’ve taken safety precautions to make the university one of only two Texas universities with all campus residence halls 100 percent sprinkler protected.