University Operations Professional Development

The University Operations Professional Development site lists training and programs open to University Operations employees.


Leadership Growth Program

For high performing employees, this is an intensive six month experience-based learning program. Program details and qualification and selection criteria can be found on the Leadership Growth Program page.

Breakthrough Workshop

The Breakthrough Workshop (PN583) is a self-development workshop which will assist participants in creating individual development plans. The objective is to identify personal leadership strengths and challenges and then build a personal development plan to address individual career aspirations. This is also a prerequisite to apply for the Leadership Growth Program.

Reading Group

The reading group is a series of strucutred weekly meetings to dicuss a preselected leadership or management book. Participants recieve a reading and discussion schedule at the begining of the series. The group is open to anyone interested in the book selected for discussion (with supervisory approval).

Technology Training

The following technology training is offered by Campus Planning and Facilities Management and are open to all University Operations employees with supervisory approval. [Note: Links will open a new browser window/tab; EID required]

Course Title Course Description Course Dates and Registration
Visio Basics PP2243 Dates and Registration
Excel Advanced Features PP140 Dates and Registration
PowerPoint Intermediate PP2336 Dates and Registration
Computer Basics PP405 Dates and Registration
Outlook Basics PP2460 Dates and Registration
Introduction to SharePoint PP2245 Dates and Registration
Make it WORQS PP2438 Dates and Registration


CareerSmart is a campus training program which lists training and development opportunities for university staff.

  • CareerSmart Staff Training Index - Has classes listed by topics which include: Administration and Human Resources, Communication and Interpersonal, Compliance & Policies, Health and Safety, and Management & Technical Skills.
  • CareerSmart Certificate Programs - Certificate programs offer a more comprehensive training package for staff who are interested in building their career.