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About the SAFIRE Project


Sample of SAFIRE QR Code sticker

The SAFIRE (Space & Facilities Infrastructure Resource) Project is a TRecs initiative to provide mobile, within building, location information on demand.

A network of unique QR tags, called SAFIREs, is being placed throughout the campus. These physical tags identify specific location points inside campus buildings.

The SAFIREs will be used to identify space locations accurately while performing activities within buildings. The SAFIRE tags are a simple, inexpensive means to opening a wealth of location information to the campus community. They will improve accuracy of data collection, as well as improving way finding and response times for maintenance and first responders.

The Project First Phase will tag points of transition like doorways between rooms. General reference location points will be SAFIRE tagged in Phase Two.

Space information is provided through a mobile Web site when a SAFIRE is scanned by a smart phone or tablet using a QR reader application.

Future opportunities exist for faculty, staff and students to link the SAFIRE tag to information such as event schedules, videos of seminars, PI award announcements and maintenance schedules.


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