PTS Staff — Fleet


Mark Kaligian, B.S.
Fleet Manager

Mark comes to UT with over 20 years of fleet management experience, at times overseeing fleet operations for more than 5,000 vehicles. His goal at UT is to help make the campus safer, more pedestrian-friendly and greener through efficient fleet management. Though he loves the UT, Mark is a Michigan State University graduate, and a die-hard Spartan fan first. It is easy to understand why he enjoys the double meaning (combining environmental awareness with his alma mater), when he hears: “Go Green!”


Guyanne Crump, BBA
Administrative Associate

After working as a temp in Facilities Services for almost six months, Guyanne became a member of the PTS fleet services team. Previously, Guyanne held various positions in a private school, County Clerk Office, Railroad Commission, oil company, and property management. They have given Guyanne well-rounded experiences that have been useful in her current position. Guyanne is usually the first face the clients see to begin the process for their requests. Not only does Guyanne support fleet services, but also the automotive shop. Guyanne looks forward to developing client relations within these departments and wants to go above and beyond their expectations. Customer service skills are an essential requirement in making her job easier. Guyanne takes great pleasure in being a part of the PTS fleet team!


Gina Hibbs
Administrative Associate


Gary Bigarel
Procurement Office


Carl Bottoms
Manor Road Shop Supervisor


Brett Mayes
PRC Shop Supervisor

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