Parking and Transportation Services presents: Green on the Go. Advocating alternatives to the single-occupancy vehicle

The University of Texas at Austin strongly supports efforts to reduce congestion and curb vehicle pollution in the Austin area. The University has established an active Alternative Transportation Program, entitled Green on the Go, that seeks to reduce the use of single occupancy vehicles by staff, faculty, students, and visitors.

TxDOT Passenger Rail Service Surveys

Student Survey

Employee Survey

TxDOT is currently evaluating a range of passenger rail service options in an 850-mile corridor from Oklahoma City to South Texas. TxDOT is interested in gathering information that will help them (1) identifying potential IPR market segments and (2) assess how Intercity Passenger Rail might be used, with regard to trip destinations, times of day, and trip purposes. TxDOT is very interested in investigating the potential use of Intercity Passenger Rail by students and employees of college and universities in the corridor.

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