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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of Payroll’s most frequently asked questions. Click any one of the questions below to be directed to the answer in askUS, a repository of answers to frequently asked questions about university-wide systems and processes. Answers to other common questions about Payroll can also be found in askUS (keywords Payroll Services).

When will my university paycheck be direct deposited?
askUS Answer ID 703

How do I get my payroll paycheck set up for direct deposit?
askUS Answer ID 1774

How do I get a copy of my W-2 Form?
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Today is payday and I have not received my payroll paycheck. Where is it?
askUS Answer ID 1776

The university’s payday has passed, and I haven’t received my payroll check via direct deposit. What do I do?
askUS Answer ID 1777

I received a paper check from Payroll Services and now it’s been lost. How do I request a replacement payroll check?
askUS Answer ID 1778

My name has changed. How can I update this on my employee records?
askUS Answer ID 583

How does a nonresident employee claim a tax treaty exemption?
askUS Answer ID 1779

What are Social Security and Medicare (OASI) taxes?
askUS Answer ID 1780

What are fringe benefits?
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An employee has been overpaid. What should I do?
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I have a final approved OV document that is incorrect but has not yet been paid. What do I do?
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Does Payroll Services need to be notified of an employee's death?
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What documentation is required for an OV7 document?
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