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The Cathy Lester IT Excellence Memorial Award

Winners of the Cathy Lester IT Excellence Memorial Award

Scott Mueller Scott Mueller, ITS Systems - 2015 Winner
Francis McGrath Francis McGrath, College of Liberal Arts - 2014 Winner
Adam Connor Adam Connor, Financial Information Systems - 2012-2013 Winner
Sarah Holmes Sarah Holmes, Office of the Registrar - 2011 Winner
Jim Ferrero Jim Ferrero, Information Technology Services - 2010 Winner
Mary Clare Mary Clare, Student Information Systems - 2009 Winner
Tim Tashjian Tim Tashjian, Student Information Systems - 2008 Winner
Bretna Hackert Bretna Hackert, Financial Information Systems - 2007 Winner

Winners of the Cathy Lester IT Excellence Rising Star Award

Kyle O’Neill Kyle O’Neill, University Development Office - 2015 Winner
Sara Gore Sara Gore, Office of the Registrar - 2014 Winner
Matt Jorgenson Matt Jorgenson, Information Technology Services - 2012-2013 Winner
David Voegtle David Voegtle, University Development Office - 2011 Winner
Joe Stubbs Joe Stubbs, Technology Resources - 2010 Winner
Lauren Strickler Lauren Strickler, Financial Information Systems - 2009 Winner