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October 2014
November 2014
December 2014

October 2014
10/01/14 PLS Memebers only meeting - Dr. Davis, Leadership, PHR 2.108
10/02/14 APhA-ASP Memebers only meeting - Jennifer Chiu, Residency, 3.106/3.110
10/06/14 APSA Memebers only meeting - Jenny Perez, Herbal Therapies, PHR 2.108
10/08/14 NCPA Memebers only meeting - Deborah Fernandes, People's Pharmacy, PHR 2.108
10/09/14 HAP/PC Memebers only meeting - Dr. Gary Yee, ACCP President, PHR 3.106/3.110
10/09/14 UT Employee Health Screening; FC1 Building C, 3-8PM (sign up is required for the screenings)
10/12/14 2014 ACCP Annual Meeting, Austin, TX
10/12/14 2014 ACCP reception honoring Dr. Bob Talbert
8:00 - 10:00 at the Hilton Austin in Meeting Room 406
10/14/14 PDC Memebers only meeting - Michael Herrera, PDC TX Alumni President, PHR 3.106/3.110
10/14/14 KE Memebers only meeting - TBA, PHR 2.108
10/15/14 RHO CHI Memebers only meeting - Dr. Maria Croyle, Research Professor, PHR 2.108
10/15/14 SACNAS National Conference, Los Angeles, CA
10/16/14 SSHP Memebers only meeting - Dr. Debra Lopez, Ambulatory Care / Residency, PHR 3.106/3.110
10/19/14 NCPA reception
5:30 - 7:30 in Austin; location TBD
10/20/14 SPRN Memebers only meeting - Courtney Hulbert, PRN Director, PHR 3.106
10/20/14 SNPhA Memebers only meeting - Dr. Mark Comfort, HEB Pharmacy, PHR 2.108
10/23/14 Pharmacy Career Day
10/23/14 HAP Memebers only meeting - Dr. Ribera, Director UT-Co-Op Cam, PHR 3.106/3.110
10/24/14 P4 Senior Interview Day
10/27/14 College Only: Honored Speaker Dean Diane Ginsburg, PHR 3.106 (lunch hour)
10/28/14 College Only: Honored Speaker Dr. Elizabeth Hand, PHR 3.106 (lunch hour)
10/29/14 Pharmacy Ice Cream Social (College only); PHR Courtyard; 12-1pm
10/30/14 College Only: Honored Speakers Dean Crismon & Dean Davis, PHR 3.106 (lunch hour)
November 2014
11/02/14 2014 AAPS Annual Meeting & Exposition, San Diego, California
11/02/14 2014 AAPS Annual Meeting & Exposition, San Diego, California
11/03/14 Luncheon for alumni & friends during the AAPS meeting
12:00pm - 1:30pm, San Diego
11/07/14 Alumni Reception & Awards Ceremony
UT Club, 6PM
11/08/14 Tailgate Party
Pharmacy Courtyard - start time approximately 3 hours before game between UT Longhorns and West Virginia.
11/11/14 Texas Pharmacy Congress, San Antonio, TX
11/14/14 TGPharm - Bill Williams, Ph.D. guest speaker
Event for graduate students in the College of Pharmacy and their guests. 4:30 to 6 pm at the Littlefield House at the corner of 24th St. and Whitis
11/15/14 APhA Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA
December 2014
11/07/14 ASHP Midyear Meeting, Anaheim, CA

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