Pharm.D. Program

Required Core Curriculum
(Effective for fall 2012 admissions and thereafter)

The College of Pharmacy is moving forward with the adoption of UT Austin's NEW Core Curriculum.  All Core and Flag requirements must be satisfied to receive a degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

NOTE: If you have a prior baccalaureate degree or higher, the CORE and FLAG course requirements that you have lacking will be WAIVED once you matriculate into the PharmD program.

For a list of the CORE course requirements, please visit the following site and select the most recent catalog:

For a list of the FLAG course requirements, please visit the following site:

These courses are degree requirements and as such they must be completed before the Doctor of Pharmacy degree can be conferred. Because the professional portion of the PharmD curriculum is so heavy, we strongly recommend that these courses be completed prior to enrolling in the College of Pharmacy.

Regarding the CORE course requirements:

Regarding the FLAG course requirements:

If you have any Petitions & Core Transfer Credit questions, please contact the School of Undergraduate Studies: (contact Petition Coordinator). In your email to the Petition Coordinator, please provide your anticipated semester/year of admissions into the PharmD program.

Phone: (512) 232-8400 (School of Undergraduate Studies)


Last Reviewed: April 18, 2012

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