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Pre-Pharmacy Curriculum


The Texas Legislature has mandated that students graduating from Texas public universities must complete a core curriculum. Additionally, graduates of UT Austin must also complete a signature course and fulfill each of the university's flag requirements. Please refer to the following link for more information about the core, signature course, and flag requirements and how you may fulfill them if you are doing your pre-pharmacy work at an institution other than UT Austin.

The suggested course sequence in the first year depends upon the results of the math placement exam. The prerequisite for CH 301 at UT-Austin is M 305G with a grade of at least C or a score greater than or equal to 560 on the SAT II: Mathematics Level I test . Your math ability will determine if you should begin with M 301 or M 305G and possibly CH 304K prior to CH 301. In addition the placement of physics, statistics, and literature are somewhat interchangeable; although, literature must be taken in the second year.

CH 301 -- Principles of Chemistry I   CH 302 -- Principles of Chemistry II
M 408C -- Calculus I(or 408K+408L)*   CH 204 -- Intro. to Chemical Practice
BIO 311C-- Intro Biology I (cellular & genetics)   BIO 311D-- Intro Biology II
RHE 306 - Rhetoric and Composition   Statistics--- 3 credit hours**
from Group A+: 3 credit hours   from Group A: 6 credit hours

16 credit hours

17 credit hours


BIO 325--- Genetics   CH 310N-- Organic Chemistry II
CH 310M-- Organic Chemistry I   CH 210C -- Organic Chemistry Lab
PHY 302K - Physics I**   BIO 126L-- General Microbiology Lab
PHY 102M - Physics I Lab**   BIO 326M-- Intro Medical Microbiolog/Immunol
E 316K --- Masterworks in Literature**    
from Group A: 3 credit hours   from Group A: 6 credit hours

16 credit hours

15 credit hours

* Calculus must include differential and integral calculus. This is satisfied with M 408C or M 408K+L. In addition, business calculus will not satisfy the calculus requirement.

** These courses are somewhat interchangeable; literature must be taken in the second year; statistics from a wide variety of fields is accepted.

If you are taking courses at a Texas college or university other than UT-Austin, you may want to view the transfer equivalency guide on the World Wide Web to be certain that you are taking the appropriate courses:

Visit: Course Equivalencies Page

+ Group A Courses to fulfill the requirements for the Doctor of Pharmacy Degree:

American History 6 hours
American Government 6 hours (GOV 310L & 312L suggested)
Fine Arts elective 3 hours (art, drama, architecture, music, etc.)
Social and Behavior Sciences electives 3 hours (anthro., sociology, psychology, etc.)


If you have any questions regarding:

  1. Admission to the College of Pharmacy, call the Student Affairs Office 512-471-4425
  2. UT-Austin prepharmacy advising,call the Health Professions Office at 512-471-3172
  3. PrePharmacy advising of non-UT-Austin students, call the Student Affairs
  4. Office at 512-471-1737

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