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Interview Process at UT Austin College of Pharmacy

We are making a change with our interview process effective for fall 2015.

The interview process at The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy now incorporates the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) format (c.f., Wikipedia citation: 

Why MMI?

The MMI process has been shown to measure nonacademic candidate attributes more effectively than the traditional interview process.   The purpose of the MMI is to assess noncognitive qualities of interview candidates (e.g., integrity, critical thinking), which provides insights into a candidate's interpersonal skills and professionalism during the interview process.  MMIs are not designed to evaluate specific knowledge about pharmacy or medications, but provide insights into a candidate's thought processes and problem solving capabilities.

What to expect during an MMI interview

During the half-day on-site interview, MMI scenarios will be provided to candidates for ≈30 minutes of review and reflection prior to MMI interview sessions.  MMI scenarios are comprised of either a situation prompting a response or a task that needs to be performed with a co-applicant in the presence of the interviewer.  The interview applicant will participate in 8 MMI interview stations; each station will last 6 minutes, with 1-2 minutes allotted between interview rooms for a brief re-review of the scenario.  A break will be built into this ≈8-station MMI interview process so that the MMI component of the interview session will last approximately 65-75 minutes.  MMI interviews will be moderated by faculty, alumni, and/or students affiliated with UT Austin College of Pharmacy.

How to prepare for an MMI interview

Other activities during the interview day

Applicants will also participate in other activities during the interview process that showcase the college and inform applicants about the university and college. Please continue to read further to understand the purpose of the interview process.

The College of Pharmacy interview serves two major functions.

Interview day will be a 4-hour event with an optional 30-minutes campus tour upon conclusion. The interview process will consist of multiple activities and each candidate will receive their personal schedule at interview check-in.

You should not underestimate the importance of the interview. The interviewers' evaluations may tip the balance in Admissions Committee deliberations. You should be aware that you are being evaluated during your entire visit with us.

Awareness of the importance of the interview can induce anxiety in most students. A certain amount of anxiety is expected and understood by most interviewers.

Planning for the interview can definitely reduce excessive anxiety. We provide a hospitality suite hosted by current pharmacy students for applicants within the interview schedule. This gives applicants an opportunity to meet with current students, get a flavor of the college, help ease anxiety, and ask those burning questions that only fellow pharmacy students can answer.

Good planning prior to the interview day is largely a matter of common sense. The tips may help you.

Etiquette - Interviews are initiated and arranged by the college. It is the candidates responsibility to respond to the interview invitation promptly. In case of an irresolvable conflict, e.g. an employer will not give you release time; you should call the college immediately to discuss rescheduling your interview.

Knowledge of the profession and the college - Interviewees are strongly encouraged to become familiar with general information about the college, as well as, current and future roles of pharmacists in the health care delivery system. Interviewees should be able to express thoughtful and insightful reasons for joining the profession of pharmacy and attending the University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy.

Dress - Interviewees typically wear a business suit for their interview, as this attire is most appropriate for the occasion. Overdressing (cocktail or party dresses) is as inappropriate as under dressing (jeans, T-shirts, tennis shoes, etc.).

Punctuality - Arriving for the interview check-in on time is very important. In fact, you should arrive 30 minutes early in order to prevent tardiness. Interviewees should allow time for the unexpected, e.g. inclement weather or heavy traffic. In the event of an unavoidable delay, you should call the Student Affairs Office (512) 471-1737 at the first opportunity.

Honesty - Interviewees should not try to "second guess" by responding with answers they think are wanted. Some interviewers play the "devil's advocate." When "I don't know" is the honest reply, it should be used.

Responsiveness - Conversation is difficult if the candidate's responses are limited to "yes" and "no". Many questions are chosen intentionally to initiate dialogue.

Student Interviewers - Throughout the interview process, current pharmacy students will have the opportunity to provide feedback to the admissions committee on candidates. Please treat every student with the same respect you would treat the faculty interviewers and potential future pharmacy colleagues.

We certainly want your interview experience to be exciting, informative and memorable.


Last Reviewed: July 22, 2014

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