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Syllabi for Required Courses First Year [P1] - New Curriculum

First Year [P1] - Fall Semester
Pharmaceutical Biochemistry I
Phys & Chem Princip of Drugs
Phys & Chem Princip of Drugs Lab 142P
Func. Anatomy Human Syst I 343C
Basic Med Chem Principles/Lab 143M/143P
Biopharmaceutics 252C
Intro. to Patient Care 242DA
Professional Dev Convocation I 142H

First Year [P1] - Spring Semester
Pharmaceutical Biochemistry II
Principles General Pathology 253D
Func. Anatomy Human Syst. II 253C
Pharmacology Principles 153M
Pharmacy Administration 244C
Pharmacy Administration Lab 144P
Pharmaceutics 356C
Pharmaceutics Lab 156P
Intro. to Patient Care 242DB
Professional Dev Convocation II 152H

First Year [P1] - Summer Semester
Time for Early Practice Experience

Syllabi for Required Courses Second Year [P2] - New Curriculum

Second Year [P2] - Fall Semester
Drug Info & Evidence-Based Practice (and Lab 163P) 163C
Pharmacotherapeutics I 665E
Nonprescrip Pharmacotherapeutics I 262D
Patient Assessment Skills Lab 392S
Pharmacy & the Healthcare System 364D
Professional Dev Convocation III 161H
Pharmacy Professional Commun 266P
Experential Pharmacy Practice & Patient Counseling 50% 176P

Second Year [P2] - Spring Semester
Integrated Basic & Appl PKin
Integrated Basic & Appl PKin Lab
Pharmacotherapeutics II 675E
Pharmacotherapeutics II Lab 175P
Nonprescrip Pharmacotherapeutics II 172E
Nonprescrip Pharmacotherapeutics II Lab 172P
Interprofessional Ethics 176E
Introduction to Clinical Skills 277P
Professional Dev Convocation IV 172H

Second Year [P2] - Summer Semester
First 6 Week Session:
Institutional Clinical Skills
(2 week full-time session)

Syllabi for Required Courses Third Year [P3] - Previous Curriculum

Third Year [P3] - Summer/Fall Semester
Professional Development Convocation
Basic IV Admixtures & Lab
Basic IV Admixtures & Lab
Pharmacotherapeutics III Lab 185P
Clinical Skills: Community Care 50% 287H
Pharmacotherapeutics III 695F
Pharmacotherapeutics IV 395G

Third Year [P3] - Spring Semester
Pharmacy Law 284E
Professional Dev Convocation VI 192H
Pharmacoeconomics 394F
Adv Pharmacotherapeutics Lab 194P
Advanced Evidence Based Practice 295R
Pharmacotherapy Special Populations 396D

Required Courses Fourth Year [P4]

Fourth Year [P4] - Summer Semester
Rotation #1

Fourth Year [P4] - Fall Semester
Rotation #2
Rotation #3
Rotation #4

Fourth Year [P4] - Spring Semester
Rotation #5
Rotation #6
Rotation #7

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