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Click this link to download the Class of 2016 pledge form.

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Class of 2016 Pledge Drive! This is the 6th year UT pharmacy students are conducting this drive and we are hoping to raise more money than our predecessors. Last year, the class of 2015 raised over $35,000 in pledges. We know we can beat that!

This is much more than a competition, though. Through this pledge drive, we will raise money for critical programs at the College of Pharmacy. For example, you may choose to support the Class of 2016 Scholarship Endowment to raise money for student scholarships. Or you could choose to pledge to support the Dr. Leroy Knodel Fund, a student organization of your choice, or the Dean’s Excellence Fund.

Some benefits of participating include:

Why donate? 
State support for higher education has decreased while tuition has increased, all while the rigorous curriculum precludes many from working outside of school. Subsequently, pledges are more critical than ever to help students (your future colleagues) to receive the best pharmacy education possible. Your pledge supports your alma mater and serves as an investment to ensure that the programs remain strong and the value of a UT College of Pharmacy degree remains unparalleled.

Click here to read why private support of the College of Pharmacy is so essential.
Click this link to download a Class of 2016 pledge form.

Last Reviewed: November 11, 2016

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ASHP Honors Perez

Katherine Perez, Pharm.D., Class of 2010, has been named recipient of the 2013 Literature Award for Innovation in Pharmacy Practice.

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