Croyle, Maria A., Ph.D.
Alan W. Hamm Centennial
Fellowship in Pharmacy
Professor of Pharmaceutics
PHR 4.214D

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Institute for Cellular and Molecular Biology

W. M. Keck Center For Cancer Gene Therapy, M. D. Anderson Cancer Center

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American Society of Gene Therapy

American Society of Microbiology

American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists

Controlled Release Society

International Society of Lyophilization

Williamsburg Bioprocessing Foundation

International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics

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Last Reviewed: August 27, 2014

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Mailing Address:
Pharmaceutics Division
College of Pharmacy
The University of Texas
at Austin
2409 University Ave.
Stop A1900
Austin, TX, USA

Email Address: pharmacy


Researchers Offer Promise Through Enhanced Drug Delivery

Enhancing drug-delivery technologies can help in curing and treating diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, fungal, respiratory and infectious diseases and treatment after organ transplants to prevent rejection.

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