Peters, Jay, MD, FCCP
Adjunct Professor of Pharmaceutics
Chief of Pulmonary Diseases and
Critical Care Medicine
University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio
PHR 4.214

Research Interests

As Chief of Pulmonary and Critical Care, I oversee all of our Divisional research at the University of Texas Health Science Center – San Antonio (UTHSCSA).  We are involved in basic and clinical research in the evaluation of pulmonary infection, chronic obstructive lung disease, asthma, lung transplantation and pulmonary fibrosis. My primary area of interest is supported by the National Institute of Health and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in the area of chronic asthma. Our research group discovered that Mycoplasma pneumoniae, a common bacteria in the airway of asthmatics, produces a toxin that increases allergic inflammation and may result in the initiation or persistence of asthma. We have recently been funded for another 5 years to investigate the structure, function, immunologic response in both healthy and asthmatic subjects. This $5 million project plans to determine the role of this bacteria in chronic asthma and attempt to develop a vaccine that will induce neutralizing antibodies.

Additionally, I am actively involved with collaboration between  UTHSCSA and UT Austin in the development of inhaled immunodulating drugs for the treatment of both asthma and pulmonary fibrosis.  In collaboration with the Department of Cadiothoracic Surgery these  therapies are also be tested for the prevention of rejection in a rodent model of lung transplantation.

Last Reviewed: August 25, 2011

Division Information

Mailing Address:
Pharmaceutics Division
College of Pharmacy
The University of Texas
at Austin
2409 University Ave.
Stop A1900
Austin, TX, USA

Email Address: pharmacy


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