Post-Pharm.D. Education and Training

Post-Pharm.D. Education & Training

Postgraduate Year One (PGY1) Pharmacy Residency Programs
  • Designed as an entry-level experience for those with a Pharm.D. degree and limited professional or clinical experience
  • Typically 2000 hours of experience, as defined by the ASHP Standards for Pharmacy Practice Residency
  • Develop clinical and communications skills in a variety of practice environments and sample various areas of pharmacy specialization
  • Provides management and practice experience, especially useful if you have limited prior pharmacy experience
  • Capable of providing pharmaceutical care to patients, with commonly encountered diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, depression, and community acquired pneumonia
  • Provide consultative and drug information services to health care practitioners and patients
  • Close involvement with the Director and pharmacists of a Department of Pharmacy in an institutional setting, other organized health care setting, or a community pharmacy
  • Provides necessary skills development, professional experience, and maturity to progress to advanced specialty practice residencies or graduate studies
  • At completion of the program receive a residency certificate from The University of Texas and, as appropriate, from the affiliated institution
Area of Emphasis at Affiliated Training Site Location Contact Person
Pharmacy (PGY1) at CHRISTUS Health-Santa Rosa: Children's Hospital of San Antonio San Antonio Jacinto Villarreal
Pharmacy (PGY1) at McLane Children's Hospital Scott & White Temple Chanin Wright
Community Pharmacy (PGY1) at Scott & White Memorial Hospital Temple Tricia Tabor
Community Pharmacy (PGY1) at the UTEP/UT Austin Cooperative Pharmacy Program - 2 residency openings (La Fe, Centro San Vicente) El Paso Jeri Sias
Community Pharmacy (PGY1) at H-E-B Pharmacy Austin Nathan Pope
Pharmacy (PGY1) at Scott & White Memorial Hospital Temple Jon Herrington
Pharmacy (PGY1) at Central Texas Veterans Health Care System Temple Katerine E. Getchell
Pharmacy (PGY1) at Scott & White Memorial Hospital and Vasicek Cancer Treatment Center Temple Jon D. Herrington
Pharmacy (PGY1) at Methodist Hospital and Methodist Children's Hospital of South Texas San Antonio Tony Dasher
PGY1 Pharmacy Residency at Seton Healthcare Family Austin Carrie Shuman
Pharmacy (PGY1) at South Texas Veterans Health Care System San Antonio Carrie Rogers
Pharmacy (PGY1) at University Health System San Antonio Kay Green
PGY-1 Pharmacy Residency With a Focus on Mental Health Corpus Christi Veronica Tovar
Pharmacy (PGY1) at St. David's North Austin Medical Center Austin Rusty Pendley/Sarah Meyer

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