Proteomics Facility

The Proteomics Facility provides services, self-service equipment, and collaborative research for the detection, characterization, and quantification of biomolecules. The facility labs are located in MBB 1.420 (ICMB) and PHR 1.110 (College of Pharmacy). The facility is supported by the Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas Shared Instrumentation Award RP110782 and by institutional funds provided by ICMB, UT-Austin and the College of Pharmacy.

News and Announcements:

New rates in effect starting September 1. See Charges page for more information.

Please visit the Proteomics Facility Wiki at for announcements, protocols and FAQs.

Core Services and Collaborative Projects:

Mass spectrometry:
Protein/peptide molecular weight determination by ESI or MALDI
Protein identification by LC-MS/MS and database search for individual gel bands and complex mixtures
Relative quantitation of peptides/proteins with spectral counting, peak area, or stable isotope labeling by TMT or iTRAQ*
Protein modification analysis for phosphorylation, methylation, acetylation, ubiquitinylation, glycosylation, inhibitor binding, and chemical adduct site determination*

Self-service instrumentation available:
HPLC and FPLC (4°C or room temperature)
Crystallography robot
MALDI-TOF MS molecular weight determination

When using core services, remember to cite the Proteomics Facility in your publications, and funding source CPRIT RP110782 when work was at subsidized CPRIT rate, and send the citation to Maria Person. Continued support for the facility depends on documented outcomes.

*If you are interested in collaborating on a protein modification or quantitation project, contact Maria Person.

Last Reviewed: May 26, 2015

Maria D. Person

Michelle V. Gadush

Andre Bui

Delivery Address:

Proteomics Facility
The University of Texas
at Austin
2500 Speedway MBB 1.420
Stop A4800
Austin, TX, USA

Email Address: pmaf


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