Proteomics Facility


Mithras, Berthold Technologie is a versatile multimode reader for microplates. Up to 4 reagent injectors can be set up to dispense multiple activators or detection reagents at any time and with user-adjustable volumes during the measurement. Excess fluids from priming and washing procedures are safely discarded via an automatic waste pump. A temperature controlled microplate compartment (5 °C above room temperature to 40 °C) ensures stable conditions whenever temperature sensitive enzymes or cells are in use. Any kind of microplate regardless of its colour and format can be measured. All microplate formats from 6 wells up to 1536 wells are supported. The plate height adjustment module detects the height of the plate used and automatically adjusts the measurement optics for it.

List of possible applications:

Maria D. Person

Michelle V. Gadush

Andre Bui

Delivery Address:

Proteomics Facility
The University of Texas
at Austin
2500 Speedway MBB 1.420
Stop A4800
Austin, TX, USA

Email Address: pmaf


Institute for Cellular and Molecular Biology (ICMB)

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