Proteomics Facility

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The Proteomics Facility is housed in dedicated instrumentation laboratories located in Pharmacy (PHR 1.110) and at the Institute of Cellular and Molecular Biology (MBB 1.420).

The following instruments are included in the facility with installation date in parantheses.


MBB 1.420





PHR 1.110

Thermo Orbitrap Elite hybrid linear ion trap FT-MS with Dionex Ultimate 3000 nanoflow UPLC (2012 & 2013) 2 instruments





AB Sciex 4000 QTrap hybrid triple quadrupole-linear ion trap with Shimadzu Prominence analytical HPLC (2007)


MS and CID or HCD MSn analysis with electrospray ionization. Protein identification from gel bands, gel sections, and complex mixtures. Proteome Discoverer, X!Tandem, and MASCOT database search engines, Scaffold data visualization, validation, quantitation with spectral counting or stable isotope labeling. Post-translational modification site determination.


Protein/peptide MW determination.
Multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) quantitation.


PHR 1.110

AB Voyager-DE PRO MALDI-TOF (2001)

MALDI-MS  for biomolecules.
Self-service training available for Voyager

LC Systems

MBB 1.420




PHR 1.110

Biorad BioLogic DuoFlow FPLC (2 systems-room temp. and 4 C) (2007)
Amersham Biosciences AKTA FPLC (1999)
Beckman System Gold HPLC (2) (1998)
Dionex LC Packings nanoLC (2004)

Self-service HPLC for purification of biomolecules.
Self-service FPLC for high resolution purification of proteins and peptides when recovery of activity is important.
Flow rates ul/min-ml/min.


MBB 1.420

Berthold Technologies Mithras LB 940 Luminometer (2005) Measures chemiluminescence in solution for alkaline phosphatase or luciferase assays.

Protein/Peptide Concentration Measurement

EMD Millipore

Direct Detect (2012)
Uses FTIR to quantitate proteins or peptides in solution without interference from reagents (most detergents etc)

Gel Electrophoresis

MBB 1.420

SDS-PAGE Training and space provided for self-service gel electrophoresis

Last Reviewed: June 23, 2015

Maria D. Person

Michelle V. Gadush

Andre Bui

Delivery Address:

Proteomics Facility
The University of Texas
at Austin
2500 Speedway MBB 1.420
Stop A4800
Austin, TX, USA

Email Address: pmaf


Institute for Cellular and Molecular Biology (ICMB)

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