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Special notes for small molecule sample submission

Depending on the structure of the compound, HPLC-EC, GC-MS or LC-MS would be used.  All biological samples would need to be processed, extracted (preferably dried) before submission.

The quantitative work of each small molecule compound will require method development with standard provided by the customer, one time only, 5 samples worth of the fee will be charged as the method developing fee for each new compound serviced in the core.  No method developing fee will be applied to customers if the compound of interest has been analyzed quantitatively by the core in the past.

Derivatization of certain small molecules for GC-MS may be required. 

Lipid compounds can’t be analyzed directly by GC-MS or LC-MS, the only service we offer so far is to quantify the fatty acid methyl ester (FAME).  Customers will need to process the lipid sample with hydrolysis and esterification then extract the mixture of FAMEs before sample submission.

Any radioisotope labeled compound is not permitted in the submitted sample.

The use of internal standard may need to be discussed before experiment is carried out, since the proper amount needed to spike the sample is to be determined by the limit of detection of such compound.

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Last Reviewed: September 14, 2011

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