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Gore, Andrea C., Ph.D.
Vacek Chair in Pharmacology
Professor of Pharm./Tox.
BME 3.510B


1. Gore AC (2002) GnRH: The Master Molecule of Reproduction. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Norwell, MA. (ISBN 0-7923-7681-1). Single-author book.

2. Gore AC (ed.) (2007) Endocrine-disrupting Chemicals: From Basic Research to Clinical Practice. Part of Contemporary Endocrinology book series, P. Michael Conn, editor. Humana Press. (ISBN 1-58829-830-2)

3. Diamanti-Kandarakis E and Gore AC (eds.) (2011) Endocrine Disruptors and Puberty. Part of Contemporary Endocrinology book series, P. Michael Conn, editor. Humana/Springer Press. (ISBN 978-1-60761-560-6)

4. Gore AC and Dickerson SM (2012) Endocrine Disruptors and the Developing Brain. Morgan & Claypool Life Sciences Publishers. (ISBN 9781615040872 paperback; ISBN 9781615040889 ebook)

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Parkinson Gene Link May Aid Battle Against Disease

Dr. Som Mukhopad-
hyay led the research team that focused on the gene SLC30A10 and its role as a "door opener" in helping to remove elevated levels of manganese from cells. The study was published in the Oct. 15, 2014 issue of The Journal of Neuroscience.

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Erickson Authors New Book

"Drugs, the Brain and Behavior" is co-authored by Dr. Carlton Erickson, the college's associate dean for research and graduate studies, and Dr. John Brick, executive director of Intoxikon International.

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Gore receives SEBM award

Andrea Gore is named to the SEBM Distinguished Scientist Award.

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