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Gore, Andrea C., Ph.D.
Vacek Chair in Pharmacology
Professor of Pharm./Tox.
BME 3.510B

In the News:
  • Children’s Centers study kids and chemicals.” Environmental Health Perspectives 113: A664-A668, 2005.

  • Silent Spring Revisited: Experts discuss controversial new research in endocrine disrupting chemicals.” Endocrine News 30: 18, 2005.

  • Hormonally active compounds linked to more disorders.” Endo Daily p. 4A, 2005.

  • It’s all in the timing,” Nature 445: 359-361, 2007.

  • "A toxic hand-me-down ," Science Now 327: 1, 2007.
    Online article in Science, describing our paper published in PNAS on epigenetics and mate choice.

  • "Spotlight on Faculty: Andrea Gore ," UT-Austin Graduate School newsletter, April, 2007

  • "Pollution Fallout: Are unattractive males great-gram’s fault?" Science News 171 (13): 198, 2007.

  • "Rat scans " – radio interview with Bob McDonald, host of "Quirks and Quarks,” a weekly science news program on the CBC (Canadian Broadcast Company), April 7, 2007
    April 7, 2007 website:
    Specific interview with Andrea Gore

  • "The age of menopause: Dr. Andrea Gore’s $1.4 million menopause research."quo; Austin Woman Magazine, Vol V, No. 9, May 2007 (reported by Nancy Miller Barton).

  • "The menopause transition: It’s more than just ovarian failure. The brain plays a critical role in reproductive aging," Austin Woman Magazine, Vol V, No. 11, July 2007 (reported by Darline Turner-Lee).

  • "Top 100 Science Stories of 2007." Discover Magazine (reported by Josie Glausiusz). #22: "Pesticide effects on sex last generations in rats." year.

  • "UT Professors’ work makes top science list." Austin American Statesman January 14, 2008.

  • " Looking forward: Chemicals impacts to future generations ." Collaboration on Health and the Environment audio presentation and interview.

  • "Exploring all the options: With help of mentors, students find new paths to graduate student."
    Article about Human Biology major Justin Jefferson and Neuroscience graduate student, Deena Walker.  

  • "Finding a niche at UT" by Justin Jefferson
    Op-ed article, The Daily Texan, June 20, 2008

  • Book review, "Endocrine-disrupting chemicals: From basic research to clinical practice" edited by Andrea Gore. Environmental Health Perspectives 116 (4):A178 (2008). Reviewed by Sylvia Hewitt.

  • "Highly cited papers on reproductive biology (2005-2007)."Nature Medicine 14: 1180 (2008).

  • Fox 7 News, "Good Day, Austin" interview April 12, 2011

  • Fox 7 News, "Good Day, Austin" interview June 7, 2011

  • "NIEHS scientists join forces with green chemists." Reported by Thaddeus Schug. Environmental Factor, April 2011 (e-pub of the NIEHS).

  • "Common chemical alters brain sex differentiation." Endocrine News, January 2011. Highlight on published article by Dickerson et al., Endocrinology 152: 581-594 (2011).

  • "How EDCs stop the biological clock early." Endocrine News 36 (12), p. 10, December 2011. Highlight on published article by Gore et al., Molecular Endocrinology 25: 2157-2168 (2011).

  • "Exposure to environmental chemicals in the womb reprograms the rodent brain to disrupt reproduction." Science Daily, June 26, 2012.

  • "Endocrine Society seeks better testing to determine endocrine disruptors." JAMA 308: 556-557 (2012).

  • "Journal editors trade blows over toxicology." Nature, Daniel Cressey, Sept 2013. Reprinted in Scientific American as: Debate Builds over Regulation of Bisphenol A and other Endocrine Disruptors.

  • "In chemical regulatory fight, journal editorials are new battleground." The Chronicle of Higher Education, Paul Basken, Sept 2013.

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Parkinson Gene Link May Aid Battle Against Disease

Dr. Som Mukhopad-
hyay led the research team that focused on the gene SLC30A10 and its role as a "door opener" in helping to remove elevated levels of manganese from cells. The study was published in the Oct. 15, 2014 issue of The Journal of Neuroscience.

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Erickson Authors New Book

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Gore receives SEBM award

Andrea Gore is named to the SEBM Distinguished Scientist Award.

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