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Van Den Berg, Carla, Pharm.D.
Associate Professor of Pharm./Tox.
DPI 2.208

Grants & Patents

"IGF-I inhibition of doxorubicin activity in breast cancer." American College of Clinical Pharmacy, July 1997 to June 1998.  Principal Investigator, 5% effort. Direct Costs:  $10,000.

"Inhibition of chemotherapy activity by growth factor upregulation in breast cancer."  American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, December 1997 to November 1998.  Principal Investigator, 5% effort.  Direct Costs:  $12,500.

"Mechanisms of chemoresistance in breast cancer by upregulated growth factor pathways."  Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation,  December 1997 to November 1999.  Principal Investigator, 25% effort.  Direct Costs:  $101,343.

"Mechanisms of growth factor attenuation of cell death in chemotherapy treated breast cancer cells."  Department of Defense Cancer Research Program, June 1999 to June 2003.  Principal Investigator, approximately 56% effort.  Direct Costs:  $206,340

"IGF-I Survival effects on p-53 induced apoptosis."  The Charlotte Geyer Foundation, November 2000 to October 2001.  Principal Investigator, 25% effort.  Direct Costs:  $90,909.

"IGF-I survival effects on p53 induced apoptosis."  National Cancer Institute, July 2001 to June 2004.  Principal Investigator, 25% effort. Direct Costs: $328,750

"Modulation of Neutrophil Function by cigarette smoke extract."  Philip Morris External Research Program, March 2001 to February 2004.  Co-Investigator, 5% effort (Principal Investigator: K. Stringer).  Total Budget:  $513,593

"P53 dependence of IGF-I survival responses through JNK and Akt." Avon Breast cancer Foundation Project Grant, November 2000 to October 2001.  Principal Investigator, 5% Effort.  Direct Costs: $50,000.

"The relationship between melatonin effects on Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha in older adults with involuntary weight loss." American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, December 2000 to November 2001.  Co-Investigator, 3% effort (Principal Investigator: R.L. Page).  Direct Costs:  $10,000.

"The role of JNK in mammary gland development."  University of Colorado Cancer Center Seed Grant, funding period February 2004 to January 2005.  Principal Investigator, 3% effort.  Direct Costs:  $20,000

"Characterization of caspase-9 resistance in breast cancer cells."  Cancer League of Colorado, funding period July 1, 2004 to June 30, 2004.  Principal Investigator, 5% effort.  Direct Costs: $30,000

"The role of JNK in mammary gland development and tumorigenesis."  National Cancer Institute, December 2004 to November 2009.  Principal Investigator, 25% effort.  Direct Costs: $1,000,000.


SN 08/376,364, Methods of Human Prostate Cancer Diagnosis, John McGill, Carla Van Den Berg, Jeffrey Trent, Daniel Von Hoff and Paul Meltzer.

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