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Wright, Casey, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Pharm./Tox.
BME 3.510C

Recent Publications

Wright, C.W. and Duckett, C.S. 2009. The aryl hydrocarbon nuclear translocator alters CD30-mediated NF-kB-dependent transcription. Science (in press).

Csomos, R.A., Wright, C.W., Galban, S., Oetjen, K.A., and Duckett, C.S. 2009. Two distinct signaling cascades target the NF-kB regulatory factor c-IAP1 for degradation. Biochemical Journal (in press).

Galban, S, Hwang, C., Rumble, J.M., Oetjen, K.A., Wright, C.W. and Duckett, C.S. 2008. Cytoprotective effects of IAPS revealed by a small molecule IAP antagonist. Biochemical Journal (in press).

Rumble, J.M., Csomos, R.A., Wright, C.W., Mak, T.W., and Duckett, C.S.  2008. Apoptotic sensitivity of murine IAP-deficient cells. Biochemical Journal, 415, 21-25.

Wright, C.W. and Duckett, C.S. 2008. New Insights into the Function of IAP Proteins: Modulation of the Myc/Max/Mad Network. Developmental Cell, 14, 3-4

Hwang C., Giri, V.N., Wilkinson, J.C., Wright, C.W., Wilkinson, A.S., Cooney, K.A., and Duckett, C.S. 2008.  EZH2 regulates the transcription of estrogen-responsive genes through association with REA, an estrogen receptor corepressor.  Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, 107, 235-242

Wright, C.W., Rumble, J.M., and Duckett, C.S. 2007.  CD30 activates both the canonical and alternative NF-kB pathways in anaplastic large cell lymphoma cells. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 282, 10252-10262

Significant Publications

Wright, C.W. and Duckett, C.S. 2005. Re-awakening the cellular death program in neoplasia through the therapeutic blockade of IAP function. Journal of Clinical Investigation, 115, 2673-2678

Wright, C.W., Penabaz, T., Means, J.C., and Clem, R.J. 2005. The baculovirus anti-apoptotic protein Op-IAP does not inhibit Drosophila caspases or apoptosis in Drosophila S2 cells and instead sensitizes S2 cells to virus-induced apoptosis. Virology, 335, 61-71

Wright, C. W. and Clem, R. J. 2002. Sequence requirements for Hid binding and apoptosis regulation in the baculovirus inhibitor of apoptosis Op-IAP: Hid binds Op-IAP in a manner similar to Smac Binding of XIAP. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 277, 2454-2462

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Last Reviewed: December 13, 2010

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Pharmacology & Toxicology
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