Health Outcomes & Pharmacy Practice



Karboski, James A., Pharm.D.
Clinical Professor of Health Outcomes
& Pharmacy Practice
Neill B. Walsdorf Fellowship in Pharmacy
PHR 2.222C


"Performing the Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems Examination" Presented at the Central Texas Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists Annual Fall Seminar, Bandera, Texas, October 20, 1996.

"Important Lab Values to Monitor the Ambulatory Patient with Diabetes, Hyperlipidemia or Hypertension" Presented at the 1996 Federal Pharmacy Conference, Austin, Texas, October 21, 1996.

"Patient Physical Assessment as it Relates to Diabetes" Presented at the 1996 Federal Pharmacy Conference, Austin, Texas, October 21, 1996.

"Performing the Dermatologic Examination" Presented at the Physical Assessment for Pharmacists Seminar, Austin, Texas, September 6, 1996.

"Will Computer-Based Instruction be of Benefit in the 21st Century?" Presented at the 1996 American College of Clinical Pharmacy, Nashville, Tennessee, August 7, 1996.

"A Systematic Approach to Patient Profile Review: How to Find the Important Problems". Presented at the 42nd Annual Postgraduate Pharmacy Seminar, Austin, Texas, September 10, 1994.

"Using Computer-Aided Technology in the Presentation of Patient-Based Case Studies". Presented at the University of Texas at Austin Teaching Academy, Austin, Texas, May 22, 1994.

"Rate Control and Anticoagulation Strategies for the Management of Atrial Fibrillation". Presented at the Central Texas Medical Foundation Grand Rounds, Austin, Texas, July 28, 1994.

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