Pharmacy Administration

Preparation for Graduate Study

To better prepare students for graduate study in pharmacy administration, the division encourages student to take some undergraduate courses in business prior to starting graduate studies in the college. The division also looks at the student's active participation in school functions and pharmacy organizations as a measure of his/her development and interest in pharmacy. For practicing pharmacists, the division looks at work experience and involvement with pharmacy organizations. A bachelor's degree in pharmacy or a Pharm.D. degree is preferred, but not necessarily required, for admission into the program.

Degree Requirements

The coursework for each graduate student is designed for the student's specific career goals, so that portion of the program is quite flexible. Weekly division and group seminars are held throughout the year and all students are required to attend. Master's students are required to complete a research-oriented thesis and to take introductory coursework in research design. The doctoral program focuses on further development of the student's research skills and Ph.D. graduates generally choose research-oriented careers. Doctoral students are encouraged to develop an expertise in a minor area of interest in addition to pharmacy administration. Besides the pharmacy administration graduate courses, students may take courses in areas such as business, law, sociology, communications and public affairs.

Career Opportunities

There are many positions of responsibility and leadership available to graduates of a program in pharmacy administration. The particular emphasis in any area in terms of breadth and depth will be determined by the student in cooperation with the division faculty. Graduates with a master's degree may enter the pharmaceutical industry in areas such as marketing research or sales; others may obtain administrative positions in various types of health institutions such as hospitals, nursing homes and health maintenance organizations. Opportunities exist in chain pharmacy organizations as well as pharmacy associations, colleges of pharmacy and government agencies. Graduates with the Ph.D. degree find careers in the pharmaceutical industry, pharmacy education or pharmacy associations. Many of the industry careers have a focus in marketing research or pharmacoeconomic research.

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