Pharmacy Administration

Division Head

Shepherd, Marvin D., Ph.D.
Division Head,
Clifford L. Klinck, Jr.
Centennial Professor
PHR 3.209

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Shepherd's research interests lie in the major areas of the economics of pharmacy services, pharmaceutical marketing, importation of pharmaceuticals, prescription drug diversion, counterfeit medications, managed care pharmacy and pharmacoeconomics.

Barner, Jamie C., Ph.D.
Associate Professor
PHR 3.210B

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Barner's research interests lie in examining the economics of not only pharmacy services, but health care services as a whole including the impact these services have on outcomes. And, in the social behavioral aspects of patients and health care providers as they relate to health care utilization.

Brown, Carolyn, Ph.D.
PHR 3.209D
512- 471-2374

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Brown's research interests primarily involve understanding cultural and social elements that may impact both quality of care and therapeutic outcomes of patients with chronic illnesses, particularly ethnic minority patients who experience a disproportionate burden of poor health.

Lawson, Kenneth A., Ph.D.
Associate Professor
PHR 3.209C

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Lawson's research activities focus on factors affecting the utilization and costs of prescription medications and other health care services (including managed health care system activities such as generic utilization incentives, benefit design, formulary restrictions, and drug utilization review). In addition, he is involved in research to evaluate the effects of educational interventions.

Pope, Nathan, Pharm.D., R.Ph.
Clinical Assistant Professor
Director, Austin/San Antonio Community Pharmacy Residency Program
PHR 3.209B

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Pope is an advocate for Community Pharmacy Practice Residencies, developing innovative practice settings, and outcomes from those practices.

Rascati, Karen L., Ph.D.
Centennial Endowed Professor
PHR 3.210

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Rascati's research interests include economic and outcomes evaluations for several disease states as well as for pharmacy services.

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Lawson, Donavan Named to TETA Awards

Dr. Ken Lawson, associate professor of pharmacy administration, and Martin Donavon, a teaching assistant in the division of pharmaceutics, were honored recently when they were named recipients of the Texas Excellence Teaching Awards.
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