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Lawson, Kenneth A., Ph.D.
Division Head of
Health Outcomes & Pharmacy Practice
Hamm Fellow
Professor of Health Outcomes
& Pharmacy Practice
PHR 3.209C

Recent Publications

Lawson, Kenneth A., Richard E. Wilcox, John H. Littlefield, Kennan A. Pituch, and Carlton K. Erickson, “Educating Treatment Professionals about Addiction Science Research: Demographics of Knowledge and Belief Changes,” Substance Use and Misuse, Vol. 39, 2003 (in press).

Erickson, Carlton K., Richard E. Wilcox, Gary W. Miller, John H. Littlefield, and Kenneth A. Lawson, “Effectiveness of Addiction Science Presentations to Treatment Professionals, Using a Modified Solomon Study Design,” Journal of Drug Education, 2003 (in press).

Shepherd, Marv, Ken Lawson, and Michael Johnsrud, “An Evaluation of ‘A Survey of Dispensing Costs of Pharmaceuticals in the State of Arkansas’ (Conducted by Myers and Stauffer LC),” The Center for Pharmacoeconomic Studies, The University of Texas at Austin, (Report), May 2002.

Zachry III, Woodie M., Marvin D. Shepherd, Melvin J. Hinich, James P. Wilson, Carolyn M. Brown, and Kenneth A. Lawson, “Relationship Between Direct-to-Consumer Advertising and Physician Diagnosing and Prescribing,” American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy, Vol. 59, January 1, 2002: 42-49.

Sasane, Rahul M., Marvin D. Shepherd, and Kenneth A. Lawson, “An Assessment of the Effectiveness of a Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs Algorithm in an Integrated Health Care System,” Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy, 7(2), March/April 2001: 149-155.

Johnsrud, Michael, Marv Shepherd, Kenneth Lawson, “A Review of the Office of Inspector General’s Report: Medicaid Pharmacy—Actual Acquisition Cost of Brand Name Prescription Drug Products,” The Center for Pharmacoeconomic Studies, The University of Texas at Austin, (Report), December 2001. Presented before representatives of the Office of the Inspector General, Department of Health and Human Services, Washington, D.C. (January 10, 2002).

Skrepnek, Grant H. and Kenneth A. Lawson, “Measuring Changes in Capital Market Security Prices: The Event Study Methodology,” Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Economics, 11(1); 2001: 1-18.

Skrepnek, Grant H. and Kenneth A. Lawson, “The Effect of Merger and Acquisition Activity on Shareholder Returns in the Pharmaceutical Industry,” Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Economics, 11(1); 2001: 19-38.

Zachry, Woodie M., James P. Wilson, Kenneth A. Lawson, and Jim M. Koeller, Procedure Costs and Outcomes Associated with Pharmacologic Management of Peripheral Arterial Disease in the Department of Defense,” Clinical Therapeutics, 21(8): 1358-1369; 1999.

Villarreal, Maumi C., Carolyn M. Brown, and Kenneth A. Lawson, “Differences in Morphine Consumption Administered by PCA and Traditional IV Methods in a Pediatric Population,” Journal of Pharmaceutical Care in Pain & Symptom Control, 6:2, 75-91, 1998.

Petrus, Edward J., Kenneth A. Lawson, Luke R. Bucci, and Kenneth Blum, “Randomized, Double-Masked, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Study of the Effectiveness of Zinc Acetate Lozenges on Common Cold Symptoms in Allergy-Tested Subjects,” Current Therapeutic Research, 59:9, 595-606, September 1998.

Smith, David H., Daniel C. Malone, Kenneth A. Lawson, Lynn J. Okamoto, Carmelina Battista, and William B. Saunders, “A National Estimate of the Economic Costs of Asthma,” American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, 156, 787-793, September 1997.

Johnsrud, Michael T. and Kenneth A. Lawson, “An Analysis of Predictors of Prescription Drug Costs Among Medicaid Nursing Home Residents in Texas,” The American Journal of Managed Care, 3:9, 1379-1384, September 1997.

Wen, Lonnie K., Kenneth A. Lawson, and Zeba M. Khan*, "A Survey of Operational Costs Incurred by Home Infusion Pharmacies," Infusion, 3:8, 44-51, May 1997.

Malone, Daniel C., Kenneth A. Lawson, David H. Smith, and H. Michael Arrighi, "An Estimate of the Cost of Illness for Allergic Rhinitis," Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 99:1, 22-27, January 1997.

Marshall, Bruce C., Kelley A. Cunny, and Kenneth A. Lawson, “HIV-Positive Males’ Satisfaction with Pharmacy Services,” Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association, NS37:1, 66-75, January/February 1997.

Olson, David S. and Kenneth A. Lawson, "Relationship Between Hospital Pharmacists' Job Satisfaction and Involvement in Clinical Activities," American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy, 53:3, 281-284, February 1, 1996.

Khan, Zeba M. and Kenneth A. Lawson, "Providing Home Infusion Therapies in Texas: A Time Study," Infusion, 2:4, 30-43, January 1996.

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Lawson, Donavan Named to TETA Awards

Dr. Ken Lawson, associate professor of pharmacy administration, and Martin Donavon, a teaching assistant in the division of pharmaceutics, were honored recently when they were named recipients of the Texas Excellence Teaching Awards.
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