Health Outcomes & Pharmacy Practice



Shepherd, Marvin D., Ph.D.
Professor of Health Outcomes
& Pharmacy Practice and
Center for Pharmacoeconomic Studies,
Clifford L. Klinck, Jr. Centennial Professor,
The University of Texas at Austin
President, Partnership for Safe Medicines
PHR 3.209A

Research Interests

Dr. Shepherd's research interests lie in the major areas of the economics of pharmacy services, pharmaceutical marketing, importation of pharmaceuticals, prescription drug diversion, counterfeit medications, managed care pharmacy and pharmacoeconomics.He has an intense interest in conducting research that examines the policies related to drug importation and re-importation, especially from Mexico, the use of drug anti-counterfeiting strategies and techniques for monitoring prescription drug diversion. He is also involved in conducting research on the economics of pharmacy practice, such as cost of dispensing, prescription drug pricing issues, the extent of generic drug use and other policies which affect drug use within the Medicaid population. Dr. Shepherd also enjoys pharmaceutical marketing research, especially measuring the impact of direct-to-consumer drug advertising.

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> Feature Story: Dose of Reality. Can Internet Prescription Drug Purchases
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> Prescription drug payment times by Medicare Part D plans: Results of a national study (PDF)
> Drug Dynamics Institute

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Last Reviewed: September 7, 2011


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Mailing Address:
Pharmacy Administration
College of Pharmacy
The University of Texas
at Austin
2409 University Ave.
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Austin, TX, USA

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