Funding Resources- TA Stipends

The salary for students who work as TAs for 20 hours/week (50% time) is $1,834 per month or $8,253 for the semester.
These are the gross salary, before the deduction of taxes, etc.

Tuition assistance:
TA's who are employed for at least 10 hours per week (25% time) receive tuition assistance which is credited to their tuition and fee bill. For those employed 50% time (20 hours/week) the assistance is $3,784, and for those employed 25% time (10 hours/week) the assistance is $1,892. The tuition assistance is considered compensation and is taxable by the IRS, so appropriate payroll taxes are withheld.

In-state tuition rates:

TA's and Graduate Research Assistants (GRA's) who are employed for 50% time are entitled to a waiver of out-of-state tuition charges and are required to pay only the Texas resident tuition rates. It is the student's responsibility to complete a web-based form at the beginning of each semester in order to be charged these reduced tuition rates.

Anticipated tuition long semesters:
Semester Hours Cost
In-State 9 hours4,397.00
In-State 10 hours4,786.00
Anticipated tuition summer semesters:
Semester Hours Cost
3 hours1,582.00
4 hours2,048.00

Medical Insurance:
TA's, and GRA's who are employed for 50% time are entitled to receive the standard medical insurance provided to all University employees, free of charge. The University provides a choice of several insurance plans. This benefits package also includes modest life insurance coverage. For an additional monthly charge, employees may purchase several other types of insurance (e.g., dental, vision, disability) and may purchase coverage for spouses and dependents. Detailed information about the insurance plans is available at If you are an International student, you must also complete an insurance waiver. Otherwise you will be charged for insurance by the International Office. After the 12th class day, that charge is non-refundable. The waiver is available at:

The insurance coverage is not available if you work less than 50% time.
New 50% time employees for will be covered from the first day of their employment and may select the insurance carrier of their choice within the first 31 days of employment.

Students who continue 50% time employment from the Spring semester into the Fall semester will have the opportunity to change their insurance company and/or levels of coverage during July. Continuing employees will not be able to make insurance changes in September. The Office of Human Resources will send further information about this before the Spring semester ends.

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