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The Pharmacy Doctorate (Pharm.D.) is the entry-level professional degree program.  The curriculum is designed to prepare future practitioners to provide patient-oriented pharmaceutical care in contemporary settings including community practice, hospital environments and long-term care facilities.  The program also serves as an excellence basis for advanced studies in the graduate program.

The six-year program includes two pre-pharmacy years and four years with the college.

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Graduate Student
Graduate Student Graduate

Graduate work generally is identified with a particular discipline but may be broader in scope, involving courses and research in several disciplines. The candidate for an advanced degree presents work conducted in a chosen major area, but it also is expected that he or she will have completed supporting work at an upper-division or graduate-level in one or more relevant areas. The three components of graduate study are didactic coursework, independent study, and scholarly research leading to a thesis or dissertation. The proportion of each type of study may vary according to the previous training of the individual student and the nature of the major discipline.

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