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MS Residency Programs

The MS Residency Program focuses on advanced pharmacy practice and science.

It is designed as an educational and training program in clinical science and advanced practice for those with a Pharm.D. degree. This program provides the applicant, who possesses limited professional and practice experience, with the opportunity to combine elements of a pharmacy practice residency with advanced practice training.

The program is typically two calendar years in duration. The time is divided between graduate education and research as well as 2000 hours of experience.  Actual time is dependent on time to complete the thesis and attain clinical competence. 

Graduate education, research, and scholarly work leading to the MS are developed for each student as part of his/her plan of work. Academic coursework, seminars, and a mentor relationship with a supervising professor and committee are designed to assist the student to attain the highest level of professional and academic competence in advanced pharmacy practice and science.

The program's focus on translational research (bringing science to practice and applying practice insights to scientific inquiry) and the structure of graduate education distinguish this program from residency programs.  The graduate is prepared to assume a leadership role within the profession.

The student participates in significant teaching opportunities in the classroom, clinical case-based laboratories, and experiential rotations for Pharm.D. students. Graduate student curriculum contains coursework in teaching methodologies.

The degree is awarded after submission of a written thesis, and successful defense of the student's research in front of the graduate faculty of The University of Texas and affiliated institutions.  The student is judged by the graduate faculty on the ability to design and conduct research of the student's own creation, on the qualities of industry and invention, and on the personal character and attitude expected of a person holding an advanced degree from The University of Texas at Austin.

Specialty Area Location Contact Person
Geriatrics (PGY2) at South Texas Veterans Health Care System     San Antonio Sharon Jung Tschirhart
Infectious Disease (PGY2) at South Texas Veterans Health Care System
San Antonio Kelly Echevarria
Oncology (PGY2) at South Texas Veterans Health Care System
San Antonio Megan McKee
Pharmacoeconomics at Univ. of Texas Health Science Center
San Antonio Jim Koeller
Pharmacotherapy (PGY2) at University Hospital
San Antonio Laurajo Ryan
Ambulatory Care (PGY2) at South Texas Veterans Health Care System
San Antonio Tera Moore
Psychiatric Pharmacy Practice & Mental Health Outcomes Research(PGY2) at UT Affiliated Practice Institutions Austin Tawny Smith
Psychiatric Pharmacy Practice Residency (PGY2) at South Texas Veterans Health Care System
San Antonio Troy Moore

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