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College of Pharmacy Wordmark Guidelines

What is a wordmark?

A wordmark is typography and graphics arranged in such as manner as to easily identify a program, product, or organization. 

If you are unsure about whether or not to use the wordmark, please consult with Vicki Matustik, communications coordinator, College of Pharmacy via telephone (512) 232-1769 or e-mail at

When to use the wordmark

The wordmark is designed to be incorporated into both print and electronic communications of the College of Pharmacy. It should serve as the official college identification for the majority of print and electronic communication. For instance, the wordmark should be included in:

Seal or wordmark?

For almost all purposes, the college wordmark should be used to identify the product or presentation to The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy.

When the communication is an official college communication, such as official notification by an administrator of the college, the traditional, more formal letterhead should still be used.  Official college letterhead should continue to display The University of Texas at Austin seal rather than the college wordmark.

Research reports and posters should not use the university or college seal, but should use a version of the wordmark instead.

Styles for presenting the wordmark

The wordmark may not be altered in any way.

Below are the three orientations available for the college wordmark.  You may use any of the three styles, keeping in mind which of the three orientations may fit best in the total design of your product.  

In each case, nothing can be added to the wordmark and it cannot be modified.  All uses of the wordmark should be submitted to the college's publication office prior to printing.  The office if found in the Development and Alumni Affairs Office, 5.110.  For information, contact Vicki Matustik, (512) 232-1769 or send e-mail to


1. Wordmark extended
extended wordmark

2. Workmark three rows
3row wordmark

3.  Wordmark stacked
stacked wordmark

4.  Wordmark alone

standalone wordmark

Color choices for the wordmark

Four colors are acceptable for use with the wordmark
burnt orange (PMS 159) and
gray (PMS 422)

stacked wordmark

The wordmark may be printed in all black as printed shown above or
it may be printed in combinations of the four colors such as
PMS 159 (burnt orange) - stylized mortar and pestle,
black - College of Pharmacy, and
PMS 422 (gray) - The University of Texas at Austin

stacked wordmark

For your printing needs, copies of the workmark are available in electronic form as eps or jpeg images.  Contact Vicki Matustik at the above e-mail address to secure a file.

Last Reviewed: April 21, 2014

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