Forty Acres Pharmacy

Attention Student Health Insurance Policy Holders

If you enroll or renew your existing policy with Student Health Insurance by paying online, there may be a period of up to 48 hours during which the pharmacy benefits manager system will not have your updated eligibility information.  International students may experience delays of up to three weeks after classes begin. If you have a prescription filled at Forty Acres Pharmacy during this time, you will be asked to pay the full amount of the charge.  However, you may request reimbursement from the insurance company once your information is in their system.  If requested, pharmacy staff can assist you in completing the reimbursement forms for your insurance.

NOTE:  Forty Acres Pharmacy cannot fill prescriptions for spouses or dependents of students, even if they are covered on the Student Health Insurance Plan.

Last Reviewed: August 13, 2012

Contact Us:
(512) 471-1824
100. W. Dean Keeton
Austin, TX 78712

Fall Business Hours:
8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Closed Saturday - Sunday


Find Us:
Forty Acres Pharmacy is located on the first floor of the Student Service Building (SSB) at the corner of W. Dean Keeton St. and University Dr.

Building Map

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