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UT preceptor faculty: link here to the college's experiential programs database. UT EID and password, and preceptor faculty appointment required. For questions, e-mail the program administrator.

Information for preceptor-faculty:

Preceptor Faculty members provide a vital service to students within the college by helping students make the transition from classroom knowledge to worksite experience.

Wm. Arlyn Kloesel Preceptor of the Year Award Winners

Award Photo

2011 Wm. Arlyn Kloesel Preceptor of the Year Award recipient Diane Schuetze, with Arlyn Kloesel, Dean Crismon, and Kris Klein-Bradham, president of the Pharmacy Alumni Association.

Award Photo

2010 Wm. Arlyn Kloesel Preceptor of the Year Award recipient Randy Ball, Harris Methodist Hospital, Fort Worth, with Pharmacy Alumni Association President Nile Barnes and Arlyn Kloesel.

Award Photo

2009 Wm. Arlyn Klosel Preceptor of the Year Reba Williams of Plano accepts her award from Arlyn Kloesel, Jeanine Tucker Love, past president of the Pharmacy Alumni Association, and Dean Lynn Crismon.

 Award Photo
From left to right: Jacque Borel, 2007-2008 president of the Pharmacy Alumni Association, Curtis Triplitt; Arlyn Kloesel, and Dean Lynn Crismon celebrate announcement that Triplitt has been named 2008 recipient of the Preceptor of the Year Award.
Jon Albrecht is honored as the 2007 Wm. Arlyn Kloesel Preceptor of the Year.  He appears with Mr. Kloesel, Dean Lynn Crismon, and Jacque Borel, 2007-2008 President of the Pharmacy Alumni Association.

Regional Preceptors of the Year

Regional Preceptors
Left to right: Rio Grande Valley Preceptors of the Year Stephen J Gore, PharmD, BCPS, John C. Smith PharmD, BCPS, with Regional Director Analiza Amaya-Diaz, PharmD


Aida Garza, Pharm.D.
Katherine Shea, Pharm.D.

Dallas/Fort Worth:
Chris McGough, Pharm.D.

El Paso:
Enrique Soto-Ruiz, Pharm.D.

Jeffrey Bruno, Pharm.D.
Susan Loughlin, Pharm.D.
Phung Kim Nguyen, Pharm.D.
Hanna Palmer, Pharm.D.
Dehuti Pandya, Pharm.D.
Melanie Ruegger, Pharm.D.
Walter David Spence, R.Ph.
Anila Thomas, Pharm.D.

Rio Grande Valley:
Stephen Gore, Pharm.D.
John Smith, Pharm.D.

San Antonio:
Jodie Gee, Pharm.D.

UT Preceptor-Faculty in Action

 Deans Photo

Distinguished Lecturer W. Arlyn Kloesel, Former Dean James T. Doluisio, Dean M. Lynn Crismon, and Former Dean (now Provost) Steven W. Leslie participate in the 25th anniversary of the Preceptor Orientation and Training Conference on August 18, 2007.

Participants Photo
Participants at a 2009 conference.

David Galindo at Work
Former Dean Leslie addresses the annual Preceptor Conference.

 Photo Preceptor Conference participants listen attentively.
Dr. John Littlefield addresses 2007 Preceptor Conference participants.
1989 Bill Edwards
1990 Charles Barnes
1991 Julia Janich
1992 George Holmgreen
1993 Cynthia Meyers
1994 Emory Martin
1995 Jason Wong
1996 Jeanine Love
1997 John C. "Bud" Johnson
1998 Conrad Gamboa
1999 Jon Herrington
2000 Danny Hernandez
Scott Soefje
2001 Pam Leal
2002 Holli Temple
2003 Gilbert Parra
2004 Todd Canada
2005 Bob Talbert
2006 William Linn
2007 Jon Albrecht
2008 Curtis Triplitt
2009 Reba Williams
2010 Randy Ball
2011 Diane Schuetze
2012 Steven Knight

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