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Anyone interested in serving as a University of Texas College of Pharmacy preceptor-faculty member should contact the regional director closest geographically. Applications not initiated through the regional director will not be processed.

The preceptor-faculty application requires a UT-EID (University of Texas Electronic ID). This UT-EID will be used throughout your association with UT-Austin, so you should take care to protect your UT-EID and your password. If you are a former student or employee, you should already have a UT-EID. Instructions to obtain a UTEID are included in information provided from the regional director.

Application for preceptor-faculty status with the University of Texas requires the use of an electronic application. In order to complete your preceptor-faculty application for the University of Texas experiential program, you must again contact the regional director for the geographic area in which you work. He or she will determine the need for that type of pharmacy practice experience rotation in that particular geographic area, and provide additional information for applying based on identified need for that experience.


See also: Roster of Regional Experiential Personnel

  1. Contact the regional director or coordinator in the region closest to you. He or she will initiate the application process. NOTE: applications received that are not initiated through the regional personnel will not be processed.

  2. Complete the on-line application.

  3. Once the application is approved in our experiential database PhIRST, provide a description of your APPE rotation. Log in with your UT EID and password. On the left hand side of the screen you will see a menu that includes List Rotations--click on that and you will see the option to add a rotation.

  4. Provide any additional information requested by the College of Pharmacy for the purpose of appointing you through our human resources management system.

  5. If needed, at the College of Pharmacy’s request, go through the process of upgrading your UT EID in order to access electronic student forms for APPE rotations.
    The college will walk applicants through the necessary steps above.

  6. If you are not currently a preceptor with the Texas State Board of Pharmacy, you must also complete their application. It may be downloaded from http://www.tsbp.state.tx.us/infocist/preceptor.htm

Thank you for your interest in The University of Texas College of Pharmacy Experiential Program!


University of Texas preceptor-faculty attend a Preceptor Orientation and Training Conference.


Clinical Assistant Professor Jon Albrecht addresses the annual Preceptor Conference.

Last Reviewed: September 08, 2014

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