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Requirements for Preceptor Faculty The University of Texas College of Pharmacy

A pharmacist must meet the following requirements for initial appointment and reappointment as a preceptor-faculty member with The University of Texas College of Pharmacy:

  1. The preceptor-faculty member must comply with all rules regarding pharmacist-interns and preceptors as outlined in §§283.5-283.6 Pharmacy Laws and Regulations, Texas State Board of Pharmacy, including:
    1. a current, not inactive, Texas pharmacy license which has not been the subject of an order of the board imposing any penalty set out in the Act, §28, within the three year period immediately preceding application for preceptor status or during the period he/she is serving as a preceptor;
    2. at least one year of experience in the internship practice setting, or, six months of residency training if the pharmacy resident is in a program accredited by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists;
    3. completion of three hours of internship training developed by a Texas college of pharmacy or approved by a committee comprised of the Texas colleges of pharmacy and offered by an ACPE-approved provider within the previous two years prior to application for preceptor status, or if a current preceptor, within the preceptor’s current license renewal period. (NOTE: It is the preceptor’s responsibility to maintain proof of attendance or completion of preceptor education, and to submit this information to TSBP as appropriate);
    4. adhering to the ratio of one preceptor to one pharmacist-intern at a time. (NOTE: The University of Texas College of Pharmacy will request different ratios to meet various practice competencies at the annual review of the UT Internship Program each year by the board.)

    The Texas State Board of Pharmacy re-certifies preceptor status as a part of the pharmacist biennial licensure process. The University of Texas College of Pharmacy will re-certify its college-based Preceptor Faculty through a separate process.

    In addition to board mandates, The University of Texas College of Pharmacy requires that pharmacists applying for or maintaining preceptor-faculty appointments:

  2. have professional training, experience, and competence commensurate with their position;

  3. be committed to their organization, professional societies, and the community;

  4. be thoroughly familiar with the objectives of the internship and serve as a role model, supervisor, designer of instruction and resource person for the intern;

  5. develop an appropriate relationship with the intern, which is one of teacher-student rather than employer-employee;

  6. be willing to work with interns with varying levels of pharmacy experience;

  7. must not discriminate against interns on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, or disability.

  8. meet periodically, as opportunities arise, with other preceptor-faculty members and regional administrative personnel in order to exchange teaching experiences and discuss areas of interest to the program.


The University of Texas System develops policies and procedures for the appointment of individuals who serve as faculty members at one or more of its component institutions. The College of Pharmacy has developed the following appointment guidelines commensurate with these policies and procedures. There are several ways in which individuals may be considered for a faculty appointment; the most commonly encountered situations are described below.

Clinical Instructor:

  1. General qualifications:
    1. The individual:
      • possesses a B.S. in Pharmacy, M.S. or Pharm.D. degree, and
      • is a licensed pharmacist in good standing in the State of Texas and
      • agrees to serve as an intern preceptor, and
      • satisfies all criteria for appointment as a Preceptor Faculty member in the College of Pharmacy and for appointment as an Intern Preceptor with the Texas State Board of Pharmacy;


    2. The individual possesses a Pharm.D. degree and is engaged in a postdoctoral training program that is affiliated with the College of Pharmacy.
Adjunct Assistant Professor
  1. General Qualifications:
    1. The individual possesses
      • a Pharm.D. degree and has at least one year of postdoctoral training, or
      • a Pharm.D. degree with a minimum of three years of experience in one specific area of pharmacy practice, or
      • a M.S. degree and equivalent professional practice experience, or
      • a B.S. in Pharmacy with one or more years of residency training or Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties certification; and
    2. The candidate is willing, when requested, to supervise at least five students per internship year; and
    3. The candidate is available to provide, upon request, instruction to Pharm.D. students above and beyond serving as a preceptor for student interns. Examples may be include, but are not be limited to:
      • providing lectures in required and elective courses for either traditional or non-traditional students.
      • serving as a facilitator, discussion leader or instructor in laboratory courses.
      • assisting in the development, implementation and operation of a regional internship program.


    4. The candidate holds an administrative position within a health care system or facility that serves as an internship site for pharmacy students in a variety of practice environments.

Processing Appointment Requests:

A pharmacist who is interested in serving as an intern preceptor and in receiving an appointment as a faculty member in the College of Pharmacy should contact the respective Internship Regional Director for additional information.

Last Reviewed: July 11, 2012

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