TO: Institutional Practice Preceptors - San Antonio Region
FROM: Dr. Leroy Knodel, Regional Director and Dr. Tony Dasher, Institutional Coordinator
SUBJECT: UT College of Pharmacy Institutional Practice Rotation Assignments (2009-10)
DATE: September 28, 2008

Approximately 30 University of Texas College of Pharmacy students will be assigned to San Antonio to begin their advanced pharmacy practice clerkships (6-weeks each) on July 6, 2009. As always, your willingness to precept UT pharmacy students is vitally important to the College of Pharmacy and for this, you have our sincere thanks.  

At the bottom of this memorandum are spaces to indicate the rotations during which you would be willing to precept a UT College of Pharmacy student during their 4th professional year. Historically, clerkship 1, which occurs during the summer is the most difficult one in which to place students due in part to many preceptors taking vacation. If it is at all possible for you to precept a student during this clerkship period, it is greatly appreciated.

Please indicate which rotations you would be available to take a student by filling in either 0 or 1 next to the No. of Students for each clerkship period.

Name Practice Site:
Summer Semester: Clerkship #1    
2009 (July 6 - Aug 14)    
  No of Students    
Fall Semester Clerkship #2 Clerkship #3 Clerkship #4
2009 (Aug 17 - Sept 25) (Sept 28 - Nov 6) (Nov 9 - Dec 18)
  No of Students No of Students No of Students
Spring Semester Clerkship #5 Clerkship #6 Clerkship #7
2010 (Jan 4 - Feb 12) (Feb 15 - Mar 26) (May 29 - May 7)
  No of Students No of Students No of Students

If there are any special considerations in making assignments to your clerkship site, please indicate below:


Please complete this form by no later than October 15, 2008.   Once the form has been completed, click the "Submit" button below.   Thanks for your assistance.

October 1, 2008
College of Pharmacy at UT Austin
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